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When you want to stay in business and stay relevant, you need to lead the way. At Sentia, we understand that like no other. That’s why we offer both in-depth industry knowledge and the cloud solutions you need for your crucial business transformation.



Set up the foundation for your organisation with scalable and cost-effective infrastructure and a modern workplace.

Modern Infrastructure
Set up a modern infrastructure to scale your business, empower your employees and safeguard your data.

Public Cloud Landing Zones
For total control, guard rail your public cloud services: from use of resources to cost analysis.

Containers as a Service
Provide your developers with a managed container platform solution, without having to worry about infrastructure, OS & middleware management.


Stay in control of your data and protect your organisation from internal and external threats - all while remaining fully compliant.

Managed Application Continuity
Ensure performance, uptime and security with a fully managed application stack, from development platforms all the way up to production servers.

Managed Security & Compliance
Have a 24x7 Managed Security Monitoring and Comprehensive Compliance Reporting with proactive and reactive measures against internal and external threats.

Data Protection
Guarantee your data’s safety with backup and disaster recovery solutions for your business’s hybrid world.


Innovate by developing new and existing applications and improve your customer satisfaction, using powerful insights that drive your decision making.

Application Innovation & Transformation
Provide your customers with sophisticated modern applications by transforming your development practices to stay in the lead.

Data Lakes & Data Science
Unlock the data in your organisation with our platform, and increase your competitive edge by making better predictions and speeding up innovation.

Machine Learning & AI
Enable the future of your customer service and operations with Machine Learning & AI. We offer the latest technologies with APIs to the top cloud-providers.

The future looks bright
when you learn to
lead the way

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