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Public Cloud Landing Zones
Public Cloud Landing Zones

For total control, guard rail your public cloud services: from use of resources to cost analysis.

Guard rail your critical workloads
Protect your business from unexpected costs and unknown regulations by creating a safe space for your innovation. Our solution puts you back in control and delivers business insights as an added bonus.

Align with your business policies

We will build a cloud environment that will guide your developers and keep them within the boundaries of your business policies.

Replicatable landing zones

Have replicatable environments to avoid any unexpected deletions with a reliable back up systems for your critical workloads.

A flexible and secure development environment

Help your in-house innovators stay within the parameters of your organisation’s rules and regulations.

Retain greater control

Easily control your usage, burn rate, data integrity, access and permissions so you don’t run the risk of overspending or losing your data.

Large scale migration

Migrating to the cloud can take months for IT teams to organise and even longer to transform. Sentia's Landing Zone is the solution to overcome challenges that are inherent to cloud migrations on a large scale as. The centralized creation of accounts, means your migration targets will meet compliance, logging, security, monitoring and costs requirements.

Manage expenditure

Businesses often lose control of their spending in the cloud, prevent this by creating guard rails to prevent overspending whilst still encouraging creativity. Thanks to the clear and in-depth financial reporting; information is easier to present to management, teams financial spending are easier to oversee and therefore decision making easier.

A robust innovation and compliance foundation

External and internal regulations are becoming increasingly complex. To stay complaint, your IT team might build you a compliant environment, but this takes time and puts a strain on your resources. Tap into Sentia’s experience of regulations and business policies, and use our landing zones to create a compliant environment for your developers to innovate on.

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As a leading managed service provider, we design, build and manage cloud services for major vendors such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, combined with a 24/7 operation and support guarantee.

We help you optimise your business today, so you can reinvent your industry tomorrow.

Design: By discovering your IT landscape and business needs, we recommend and design the next steps of your digital transformation.
Build: From strategy to implementation, let us guide you through a successful journey, creating the foundation of your business.
Manage: Our experts manage your cloud solution with reported and monitored services, 24/7 support and continuous compliance.

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