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Meet Henrik Wehlast Antonsen

Sentia as a workplace

Daily I act as the link between our cloud and commercial department and work to anchor our technical products in our sales department and ensure that our deliveries match what we tell the customers. I coordinate internally with our team, what products we deliver, how we ensure the best solution, and how we develop our products to match our competitiveness in a fast-paced market. What’s nice about working at Sentia is that people can be who they are. It is a place where you can commit to what you desire and be part of a company that is developing rapidly, which is exciting. At times it is controlled chaos, but my team of great colleagues always ensures a dialogue that makes it fun and challenging to go to work. When my journey began at Sentia, I was surprised at how many people dive into their matter, professionally and privately. That makes you have some quirky personalities that are cool to work with at Sentia.

Professional development

There are excellent opportunities to develop at Sentia professionally. I think Top Management has a positive attitude toward going about a project. In that way, it has expanded my personal development and journey and made it possible to train and move in a valuable direction. Every time you bring an idea to the table, you are being backed and supported to realize that idea because there is a common interest in becoming better.

Leading principles

At Sentia, we have these Leading Principles, and the one speaking most to me is Listen First. I think it is essential to understand the customer’s needs, problems, and challenges before vi throw solutions up in the air. We often talk to customers who do not have the technical insights that we do but have a business that needs to work. It is our job to deliver products that support their business. So, we need to listen to and understand customers’ needs to provide solutions that meet our customer’s expectations.  

Lead the Way

Our saying ‘Lead the Way’ is especially expressed in how our technical experts take ownership of their areas of expertise. They are enthusiastic about generating solutions that match any company’s business strategy. ‘Lead the Way’ also means that we must show the customers an alternative direction that provides more business value. That is why we must not be afraid to lead the way. Then we show we understand what the focus is in the future. It helps our customers to be inspired and move from their positions. It is easy enough to deliver what the customer asks for but more challenging to show what the customer does not know they need.

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