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Meet Vaida Hingeberg Pedersen

Sentia as a workplace

Sentia is a great workplace, because to me it is people who make the place and in Sentia I’ve met so many talented lovely people that have so many great ideas, positive attitudes, make you grow every day (hopefully not in size) and you really feel that together we can do so much more. It is all about collaboration and strong willingness to achieve great things together. I do not have two days alike and therefore I love my job, because I get to work with so many people not only in Denmark, but across countries. I love looking at the ways we can streamline across and leverage existing solutions or work together on new ones. The best part of my job is that I get to meet so many different people and together try to find solutions that can help us all together transform Sentia into one way of working post number of mergers.  

Professional development

I cannot speak for all, but for me, Sentia is full of great opportunities - and sometimes you need to create these opportunities yourself. A year ago, I started working in a PMO office with internal initiatives mostly for Denmark. However, I do not like to reinvent things – I would rather collaborate with colleagues abroad on perfecting existing solutions, so we can benefit from economies of scale across the countries. Therefore, we recently established a new Transformation department, where we focus more on people, processes, and technology/tools within our existing global landscape  

Leading principles

I try to integrate them all into my daily work, however, the one that stands out the most for me is Transparency. I truly believe if you want results, you must be fully transparent about where you are going for others to follow. Only by being fully transparent we can make big changes together.  

Lead the Way

Leader is not a role, it is an attitude, so for me Lead the Way has great meaning not only at work but in life in general. Lead the Way for me is being a role model for others. Showing the way, listening, meeting in the middle, being transparent, being positive even when it is hard - all of it fits in ‘Leading the Way’ and I do my best to be that role model, who leads the way through changes.

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