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Today’s software and technology vendors understand that their growth opportunities are in the cloud, especially in a challenging market landscape characterized by intense competition, more regulation, and an increasingly sophisticated customer base.

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Software & Technology Vendors

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Knowing where and how to kickstart your cloud transformation can be a challenge. How do you secure coherent architecture? How do you overhaul your operations to innovate and go to market faster? How do you develop secure, scalable applications? And how do you monitor and optimize performance for your solutions continuously?

Your organization requires a cost-effective platform at any scale – plus the ability to add and remove end-users without financial penalties. Simultaneously, your DevOps methodology takes its toll on your IT infrastructure as projects may incur excessive storage utilization and over-provisioned servers. Things are further complicated by concerns around compliance and security, which means organizations require a level of visibility, protection, and control over their data and workloads.

Achieve your digital transformation

Sentia helps you enhancing your DevOps approach and take your applications to the cloud quickly and securely. At the same time, continue to deliver the excellent customer experience that your clients have come to expect. Whether you are deploying, integrating, or developing, our experienced team of cloud experts plan and guide your digital transformation as well as provide you with the application control you need to meet your business goals.

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Flexibility for future growth

Launch services efficiently and achieve the flexibility to scale into new regions or continents. With a modern infrastructure you will be able to develop and deploy innovative and powerful applications for customers quickly and at high frequency.

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Transforming your applications

Modernize your service by building cloud-native applications and acquire the tools and processes for agile DevOps. A solid foundation will ease your cloud migration, enabling you to realize and seize the full potential of the cloud.

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Letting data decide

Uncover hidden insights from your organization and make sound business decisions based on real-time data. Data engineering allows you to take advantage of the information you have and generate to become data-driven.


Monitor your IT-landscape

Complete control starts with accurate IT performance measurements from an end-user perspective, allowing you to detect the root cause of your performance issues precisely and optimize.

Solutions to lead the way

Cloud Migration 8

Cloud Migration

You want your journey to the cloud to be safe, efficient and not hindering daily operations. 

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Data Services 8

Data Services

Unlock your businesses data and gain a competitive edge with better predictions, and speed up innovation.

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Solution Icon Public Cloud

Managed Public Cloud

Guard rail your public cloud for total control of your services; from use of resources to cost analysis.

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Managed Application Continuity

Modern Application Management

Stay in the lead and transform your DevOps practices to provide your customers with modern applications.

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