ILLUMS BOLIGHUS: Complete operational trust driving business growth


"The level of support at Sentia fulfils all my expectations. I do not need to remember all kinds of case and reference numbers to get through to support. I just call and get support from a skilled employee from Service Desk immediately."

- Kristian Friis, Head of IT


A partnership based on genuine understanding

Sentia has been the chosen provider of Illums Bolighus since 2008 where the need was limited and the stores were few. As the number of stores increased Illums Bolighus chose to gather all their network and telecommunication solutions at one provider - Sentia. With time, Sentia has gained extensive insight along with unique knowledge of Illums Bolighus and their needs and has today a deep understanding of their business. Sentia has supported in all new national and international store expansions and with
a fast delivery which is essential to this industry.


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