Amazon Web Services

The platform for your success in the cloud

Vital business agility 
Complex and rigid traditional IT infrastructure can no longer keep with business demands and business agility is today no longer a nice-to-have but a question of business survival. Cloud infrastructure is your foundation for cost advantages along with capabilities of scaling your IT according to your business need.


Immense performance

Tap into the competitive advantages of digitalisation with high-performance data processing, high data capacity, fast networking along with global reach.

Business flexibility

Become able to quickly adapt to market changes, fluctuating demand and need for compute power with comprehensive options of scalability.

Broad selection of services

Take advantage of raw compute power on-demand, multiple data storage options along with a countless and constantly evolving number of sophisticated tools.

Infrastructure services
at scale


Economies of scale

Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you achieve highly flexible, scalable cloud infrastructure along with a broad range of services, designed to support and empower large amounts of users and resources. AWS is preferred by large organisations with the ambitions of strategically migrating to the cloud at scale or undertaking cross-organisational projects of digitalisation.

Cloud resources matching business needs

AWS makes flexible and economically attractive cloud resources such as compute, storage and network available for enterprises wanting to free themselves from heavy hardware investments and maintenance costs and instead focus on providing the right size and type of resources when needed and within moments.

Comprehensive cloud security

The underlying infrastructure and cloud resources comply with international security standards and are constantly monitored and protected. Adding to that, AWS provides network security, security policies, data encryption, access control, monitoring and logging - everything contributing to a robust cloud infrastructure. Working with Sentia secures a capable configuration of your multi-layered cloud security including identity and endpoint security.

Cloud application development, deployment and maintenance

We modernise the app development process from the traditional model to an effective delivery of innovative applications, letting customers take full advantage of cloud functionality with increased speed and improved apps. Using our solution built on AWS, we manage the entire deployment process a-z, so you can focus on growing your business.


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