Carbonite Availabilty

Don't watch your business go downwatch it rise

Disaster recovery is non-optional

Operational, natural and human-caused disasters can knock out your enterprise networks, halting your business practices and costing you loss in revenue and reputation. Carbonite Availability (DoubleTake) will maintain the highest availability of Windows and Linux servers by using a continuous replication mechanism, preventing downtime and data loss.

Mission critical application continuity

Keeping you in sync

Software that can continuously replicate in real-time, any changes from the source environment into a secondary target, ensuring the replica remains in sync.

Continuous management 24-7

Preventing downtime

Whether disaster hits a single system or your entire data centre, a failover can be administered to a secondary location, meaning minimal downtime for your business.

DDoS mitigation tools

Protection across all systems

Benefit from peace of mind knowing all your business IT systems: physical, virtual and cloud, are protected under one unified solution.

Take the hassle of recovery away

Scalability to meet your needs

Availability is highly scalable, with the ability to support large, complex enterprise information architectures to small-scale data centres.

More efficient protection

Availability reduces the need for extra network capacity, by providing three levels of intelligent data compression during replication.

Disaster recovery made affordable

No need to invest in new equipment or extra network capacity due to data compression capabilities, minimising total cost of maintaining disaster recovery readiness.

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