Carbonite Move (DoubleTake)

Server migrations made easy in near-zero downtime

Don't let migrations hinder your business 
Many businesses steer clear of server migration due to the risk of downtime. Why let your business suffer the unnecessary costs of current platforms, reducing your IT agility and competitive opportunities. Let Carbonite Move (DoubleTake) handle your workload migration with minimal downtime.


Near-zero downtime

Carbonite Move replicates the source system to the primary target. Once done, systems are kept in sync, letting actual migrations only take few minutes.

Infrastructure flexibility

Make new infrastructure choices without impacting upon system availability: you're free from platform lock-in.

No impact to data acess

Streamline upgrades to your SQL server through source and target sync, with almost no downtime to your end-users.

Continue to run your business seamlessly


Adhering to compliance

Benefit from peace of mind knowing you are adhering to strict compliance regulations with any data sent over wire fully encrypted.

Reduce complexity with automation

All your business data, files and systems are replicated automatically, reducing error and the need for manual intervention.

Minimal performance impact

Scalable continuous replication, with minimal impact on your performance or bandwidth, allowing you to focus on running your business seamlessly.


Key features


Non-disruptive testing

Supports physical, virtual and cloud systems

Comprehensive SDK for integration and automation

AES 256-bit encryption

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