Enterprise Mobility + Security

Digital transformationwith peace of mind.

Full-circle and highly secured

Enterprise Mobility + Security is the cost-effective solution providing you with the means to let users work safely from their devices with consistent access business resources. Identity-driven security and unified device management, keeping your data safe.

Get a grip on your data flows

Modern mobility

Support your business and allow employees safe remote access to business apps and data with BYOD management capabilities scalable to your growth.

Secure data transfer

Intensify data security

Protect and manage identities and access to data across business and employee-owned devices to get in control of your information with behaviour-based security.


Become user-centric

Strengthen teamwork and collaboration at the same time empowering your employees with simplified login processes and self-service capabilities.

Minimizing data risk factors

Identity-driven protection preventing data loss

Manage identities and access to avoid intangible assets and customer data getting into the wrong hands. Enabling multi-factor authentication, detecting abnormal usage or behaviour and defining security policies is the multi-layered security approach safeguarding both your data and identities from loss, theft and abuse.

Comprehensive device and app management

Choose to protect either at app or device level no matter property, however using employee-owned devices, there is a risk of mixing personal with business applications and information. Data encryption, classification and file-tracking help you establish a crystal-clear line between private and business apps and data, turning BYOD into a business advantage with centralised and automatic device enrolment, supporting mobile app management.

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