Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

Centralised logging, analysis and reporting

Critical insight across entire attack surface 
As your company expands, so too does your enterprise network resulting in endless data with no visibility into historical context for dynamic threats. FortiAnalyzer enables you to collect, analyse and correlate log data across Fortinet devices, discovering threats and incidents as they happen.


Centralised search and reports

Search and view records to determine your security stance to assure regulatory compliance.

Automated identification of IOCs

Using FortiGuard IOC Intelligence, FortiAnalyzer scans security logs for APT detection.

Network analyser

Monitor network, traffic and user events for powerful insights into threats and user behaviour.

Real-time threat intelligence for smart business


Centralised logging

Multiple record logging of activities such as traffic, system events and attacks.

Network event correlation

Quickly identify and react to network security threats.

Streamlined reporting

Provides reporting on FortiGate and third-party devices.

Quickly identify and react to network security threats.

Clever integration

Accepts inbound logs across the Fortinet product suite.


Key features


Integrate with FortiView - for network visibility

Integrate with FortiGuard for Indicators of Compromise Service (IOC)

Automated quota management

Automated alert notification

Network Operation Centre (NOC)

Security Operation Centre (SOC)


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