Windows SQL Server

Real-time intelligenceand transformative insights

Mission-critical and intelligent applications at your fingertips

Building applications based on reliable data and smart insights help you deliver true value to your customers. Microsoft's scalable, hybrid database platform provides you with the possibility to do just that.

Improve current operations

From information to action

End-to-end mobile business intelligence helps you make informed decisions, based on reliable data.

Filter your data-sets

Advanced analytics

State of the art database engine allows you to analyse data directly within the SQL server.

Make data more shareable

Easy workload mobility

A consistent, hybrid ready platform and tooling for data centre, private cloud or Azure.

Built-in Security

No matter the scenario

Whether at rest or in motion, SQL server provides ultimate security and flexibility for your business needs.

Easy encryption

Update encrypted data without having to decrypt it first.

Compliance ready

Encrypt data files in databases and collect granular information on database usage for reporting on regulatory compliance.

SQL for your business and your way

Windows or Linux - it's up to you

Run SQL server on the platform you choose, while maintaining the same performance and scalability.

Apps built your way

Use the language of your choice and build innovative apps either on-premises and in the cloud. Use the transformative insights to develop better applications.

Scale and perform

Greate scalability and enhanced performance, plus access to mission-critical application and data warehouses.

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