Microsoft Azure Stack

When cloud lands on-premise

Private cloud solution for your business 
Sentia Denmark is the first provider to deploy Cisco Integrated System for Azure Stack in our data centres in Denmark, allowing us to provide you with an industry-leading hybrid cloud solution. If your business is looking to extend infrastructure workloads and modern apps, Azure Stack allows you to take advantage of the fast pace and agility of the cloud and bring it onto on-premise environment.


Embrace cloud services

Increase speed to market with quick development and deployment of apps through a consistent hybrid application platform.

The choice is yours

Run smooth deployments both in cloud and on-premises. Azure Stack is designed to provide hybrid cloud options, meeting your varying business needs.

Meet all the regulatory requirements

Take advantage of cloud solutions on-premise and move heritage apps to the cloud while remaining GDPR-compliant with Azure Stack.

Cloud on your terms


At a time when application modernisation is at the heart of digital transformation, and pressure on agility and scalability is mounting, Azure Stack and Cisco UCS allow for fast-paced innovation in both cloud and on-premises environments. With your new hybrid cloud environment, you can let Azure cloud-enable your applications and make technology work around your business strategy, rather than the other way around.



Azure Stack features


Compliance and Security

There are many constraints placed upon businesses in regulated industries, requiring them to protect personal information or intellectual property. With Azure Stack, your company can take advantage of cloud capabilities while meeting complex regulatory and compliance models. Allowing applications to be deployed either on-premises or in Azure gives you the flexibility to choose what locations adhere to data protection requirements.


Don't let your resources be consumed by the management of complex infrastructure and cumbersome systems. Azure Stack is the hybrid cloud solution that increases productivity and empowers IT but remains simple to manage, freeing time and energy to focus on growing your business.


Run IaaS and PaaS services with the flexibility to choose the right combination of cloud and on-premises deployment models. Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) delivery goes far beyond traditional virtualisation, and consistent Azure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities bring hybrid deployment choice and portability to cloud applications.


The scalability of Azure Stack (and Azure) stems from aggregating CPUs, Storage, Networking, Database Tier, and Web Tier allowing you to allocate the amount of capacity you need. You are given the opportunity to scale-in Azure applications to run in Azure Stack instances or to scale-out applications, written for Azure Stack into Microsoft's Azure.


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