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Cloud infrastructure that matches your business ambition
Azure cloud provides a comprehensive palette of services to build, deploy and manage a variety of applications through our global network of data centres. With all the tools integrated, and a marketplace DevOps can easily leverage, Azure allows your business to scale and grow efficiently while maintaining innovation and security.


Increase speed to market

Build and deploy apps faster, getting them to market quicker. Mobile DevOps and serverless computing will increase the productivity of development cycle.

Build intelligent apps

Data platform and services will foster innovation and help you to create products that are based on reliable data insights.

Benefit from top-class security

Privacy, transparency and compliance are an integral part of the Azure cloud, helping you to mitigate risks while achieving global scale.

Computing resources
On Demand


Virtual machines

A wide selection of marketplace templates will allow you to create Microsoft or Linux virtual machines in minutes. These will host your apps and services just as if they resided in your own data centre - but with an increased level of agility and security.

Application services

It's now easier than ever to create and deploy global applications which are compatible with web and other platforms. As your business needs change, the scalable nature of Azure allows you to respond quickly to market demands and get apps to market faster.


Microsoft’s global infrastructure provides safe and highly accessible data storage. Intelligent pricing and scalability allow for substantial savings and cost optimisation while building safe infrastructure that supports your business.



Unified security platform


Advanced analytics turn data into action

Monitor your environment, collecting and analyzing data for your Azure resources to identify suspicious behaviour real- time across the entire scope of your network, enabling you to take proactive action.

Automated protection and mitigation

Protect your business by leveraging our global network capacity to mitigate threats before they reach your network and cause damage. Encrypt sensitive information and embed protection that follows your data.

Orchestrated Disaster Recovery

Prevent critical downtime from damaging your reputation and revenue with workload-aware disaster recovery, improving RTO and RPO both for planned and unplanned outages.



Extend Azure to hybrid cloud

Consistent application development, management and security, all while remaining compliant with global regulations.

Discover Azure Stack


Get a dedicated connection to Azure

Establish your own private, reliable and scalable connection to Azure, bypassing public internet.

More about Azure ExpressRoute


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