Microsoft Office 365

Software, that follows your business

Powerful tools for a more productive workforce 
Office 365 is a simple and intuitive set of tools your employees know and love. Reliability and access to regular new features guarantee and an effective way of working for all your staff.


Applications to drive your work

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are only some of the many tools that foster a better workday.

Anywhere and across all your devices

Access your email, files and communication channels with Office 365, wherever you are.

Your work is never lost in the cloud

Save all your documents and co-author in real-time: your files are always up-to-date and accessible.

Promoting a smarter way of working


Teamwork, redefined

Flexible and familiar tools that will foster greater collaboration and communication among your employees, across different platforms, devices and locations.

All under your control

Office 365 is designed with security in mind. It protects your organisation, your data, and your staff.

Infinite space

With 1 TB storage per user, there is no limit to the number of files you can work on, save and share.


Enable a modern workplace


Office 365 not only makes your workday easier and more productive - it creates a workspace where communication and collaboration are more than words used by your HR.

Chat, call and update your colleagues instantly

Use Microsoft Teams to facilitate greater collaboration on projects, updates and file reviews.

Top class conferencing

Use Skype for Business to speak to your clients, schedule video calls with your teams and benefit from real HD video experience.

OneDrive for all your work

Through OneDrive you can share files on the go, and access them wherever you are. Access files and make changes that sync automatically in the cloud.


Key features

 Skype for Business
 Microsoft Teams

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