Microsoft Windows Server

The operating system that keeps evolving

Drive innovation and efficiencies in a secure way 
In order to keep up with the fast-paced market and respond to opportunities your business is presented, your developers and IT experts need to react fast. Cloud offers a perfect solution to this challenge, but compliance and security restrictions often may seem to hinder innovation. Windows Server delivers a solution to this problem.


Cloud ready

Hyper-V, the hypervisor that runs Azure, will help with your cloud migration, whenever you're ready.

Innovation inspired

A better way to develop, deploy and run your applications with a modern DevOps environment.

Secure at all times

Multiple levels of security for both on-premises and cloud protection, safeguarding your business.

Server role services evolving your core infrastructure


Web servers

Distribute and provide content and apps via websites, intra- and extranets through quality web servers.

Remote desktop services

Provide secure mobile and desktop access and run apps and desktops from the cloud.

Network policy services

Define and enforce health policies automatically from a single location and secure certificate-based authentication methods.

Remote access services

Provide secure remote access with employee devices connected via always-on VPN.

Active directory federation services

Access control and seamless single sign-on across traditional and cloud-based apps including Office 365.

File services

Efficient and managed file servers along with scalable storage for existing or virtualised workloads.

Print services

Centralise print server and network printer tasks, manage network scanners and monitor print events.


Security of the highest level


Protecting your virtual machines

Shield Virtual Machines features to ensure the encryption of your VMs with BitLocker.

Protecting your operating system

Built-in Control Flow Guard helps prevent memory corruption attacks.

Detecting threats

Advanced auditing capabilities ensure detection of malicious behaviour.

Isolating applications

Windows Server containers with Hyper-V isolation secure container based applications.


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