Sentia Cloud

A modern private cloud infrastructure to lead the way

A solid foundation and leading infrastructure

The platform is designed and managed by our certified experts, using only the best of class infrastructure and hardware. The cost-effective infrastructure improves IT efficiency and puts you in control of your resources. VM's are deployed and managed professionally and Sentia Cloud supports a wide range of workloads that adjusts to your organization needs, perfectly aligned with your business growth. On top of that, Sentia Cloud is ready for hybrid cloud and DDOS protection and we facilitate a full suite of managed services that help you lead the way.

Connecting your business with the cloud

Modernise your business with Sentia Cloud, a private and multi-tenant cloud platform with shielded virtual machines provided to you from Sentias data centres. Easily provide, deploy and manage virtual machines in line with your business growth as Sentia Cloud can be completely tailored to your organisations’ needs, supporting various workloads.

With Sentia Cloud you get a fully scalable solution and is always ensured high performance. There are multiple options if you wish to place your systems in a private cloud, however no matter the path you choose Sentia, it will follow your business strategy.

On-demand scalable infrastructure

Ultimate flexibility and scalability

Become capable of provisioning, deploying and decommissioning virtual machines quickly and as needed in line with your business growth.

Guaranteed business continuity

Optimal operational efficiency

Consolidated and cost-effective infrastructure within your organisation improves workplace efficiency and puts you in control of your resources.

Applications that are compliance-ready

Full compliance with EU data regulations

ISO27001-certified and ISAE3402 Type II-audited. Sentia secure Tier 3 data centres are compliant with European data protection regulations

Sentia Cloud Highlights

Tier 3+ redundant datacenters

24/7 support

VMware and Hyper-V based private cloud platform

Self-service capabilities for extensive flexibility

Hybrid cloud ready

DDOS-protection ready

Optimal operational efficiency

Reduced time consumption on IT infrastructure

Flexible and scalable infrastructure on-demand

High level of security and control

GDPR compliance

Expert consultancy from a dedicated contact person

Certified specialists

Dedicated Cloud

With a dedicated solution you gain access to a dedicated environment on owned physical hosts that you can build. This provides you full control over your IT systems and infrastructure. You have the ability to control and distribute resources within your own private cloud.

Shared Cloud

With a shared private cloud solution you can take advantage of a flexible solution where you adjust resources as you go and therefore only pay for the data you use. You can manage the virtual servers within your available resource pool. A shared solution provide you with high server capacity along with cost advantages.

Flexibility customized your business

Sentia Cloud provides you with a flexible structure and the opportunity of aligning business processes with your platform to optimize resources. You attain streamlined workloads with virtual machines that scale to your need on-demand and unlock the flexibility, security, and performance of your infrastructure.

We will provide you with an IT environment including compute, storage, and network fully configured to meet your business needs with customized implementation services for optimized operating systems.

Sentia offers multiple private cloud solutions tailored to your specific needs. All business are unique to any industry or market situation. Our point of departure is your world and we ensure that you receive a solution that fit your business reality and needs.

Certified for security and GDPR

With Sentias private cloud solutions you achieve optimal security. Our datacenters are monitored 24/7, ISO27001 certified as well as ISAE3402 type 2 audited. Sentia Denmarks secure tier 3 datacenters are GDPR-ready. That means that you can rely on the compliance with regulation such as GDPR.

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