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Focus on agile digital production

Digital transformation is not just about putting the best technology to work driving productivity but also about being able to react to unpredictability and reimagining the future. Update your processes to improve production quality and efficiency, and provide yourself with the tools to scale beyond your competitors.

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Achieve your digital transformation

Transforming your workforce

Ensure the health and safety of your workforce with remote work capabilities, modern devices, and citizen developers. This will evolve you from an experience-driven to a data-driven culture where you can effectively manage skill gaps and reskill to drive improved business value.

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Building more agile factories

Data is gold – it is your revenue driver securing informed decision-making. Leveraging digital twins or versions of the plants or equipment provides unparalleled intelligence and edge computing and IoT sensors pave the way for data collection and processing near a physical location. It empowers you to make real-time changes, utilize materials more precisely, and improve the quality and efficiency of your production.

Creating resilient supply chains

Overlying on one chain or operating too lean with no buffer or flexibility increases the fragility of supply chains. Digital capabilities and being able to monitor, access, and react to performance data increases business flexibility. Tap into competitive advantages by securing business continuity and consistent productivity throughout the value chain.

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Unlocking innovation

Achieve always-on design and re-engineering with digitalization and remote capabilities, running simulations seamlessly to redefine your value proposition, invent new business models, or find new ways to optimize your modular plants. Real-time data is your enabler of data-driven notifications and recommendations across factories - a sustainable solution, reducing your energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Do more with less and lead the way in your industry

Manufacturing and production companies face the challenges of growing revenue and finding agile manufacturing opportunities to optimize their production. Being on top of demand along with the ability to reduce inventory and increase output when needed - done in the most cost-efficient way - is key to success. Sentia will help you achieve your digital transformation and take advantage of technology to turn challenges into possibilities, barriers into breakthroughs and obstacles into inspiration.

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