Public Sector

Lead your sector while staying secure and on budget

Spark innovation, while protecting data privacy

Being able to quickly share information with citizens is paramount – every second count when it comes to keeping a society functioning. However, enabling digital services for citizens and seamless user experiences is challenging while also battling with the lack of necessary expertise, extensive technical debt and protection of data privacy.


Achieve your digital transformation

Security and compliance sorted

Get on top of costs, GDPR, and put concerns around data security and governance to rest with robust cloud infrastructure and advanced multi-layered security.

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Full-circle modern workplace

Provide the digital tools necessary for improved knowledge sharing as well as the remote work capabilities to empower and increase the productivity of employees.

Reach peace of mind

Fully managed by Sentia means you can focus on data-driven administration along with optimizing and innovating welfare services.

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SKI 02.22

Sentia is the official provider of IT operations for the public sector in the management areas of cloud, network and applications as well as security services. That means our services to you as a public organization comply with requirements on quality, environment and social responsibility.

Solutions to lead the way

Public organizations struggle with reduced funding, tighter legislation and ever-increasing expectations from citizens and end users. As an SKI 02.22 supplier, we help you secure an overview of your system landscape and your dependencies as well as map your digital transformation journey, and align your processes and the underlying technology. We do this by transforming your IT landscape into a cost-effective, scalable and secure environment.

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Application Services

To reap the benefits of a digital transformation your applications must fit seamlessly with your cloud environment and future ambitions.

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Cloud Journey

You want your journey to the cloud to be safe, efficient and not hindering daily operations.

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Security & Compliance

Guarantee your data’s safety with our services that uses several layers of security to keep your data secure and compliant.

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