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We are Sentia, we help organisations with their Cloud Transitioning and Transformation along the axles of People, Processes and Technology. Ultimately, we help our customers go through actual Digital Transformation and even to become the 'disruptive force' in their respective industries!

Operation intercontinentally from our local offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, we are now looking for new colleagues to help service national and international clients. We currently employ some 25 nationalities and welcome international colleagues.

What we expect?

As a Cloud Project Consultant, you specialise in the Migration/Transformation of applications and businesses. You will design and execute the client's Cloud Migration Strategy and will steer crossfunctional teams consisting of colleagues, custoer representatives and third parties.

You are ready to start living and breathing the new role of Project Management in thes day and age, either from experience -or- from a willingness to embrace a new reality:

  • In earlier times, your project had been just a more necessity (i.e. the vehicle to deliver Value through Products and Services). The actual Value used not to come directly from you.
  • In today's Cloud Era, the project itself has become the key Product - so as the Project Consultant, you are delivering tangible, often even strategic Value directly to customers.
  • Many traditional task are nowadays offloaded onto external Public Cloud providers. Hence, your attention shifts towards servicing your clients' businesses and their requirements, much rather than managing external hardware and software deliveries and implementations


As part of your daily tasks, you therefore will:

  • take final responsibility for all deliverables, guarding the timelines and ensuring that all are fit for purpose.
  • Work with people from Sentia, customers, suppliers, and partners, specifically also C-level personnel.
  • Liaise with the project's assigned Cloud Architect and customers, to align your project plan with the client's vision, strategy, and ensuing technological choices.

The projects vary in scope and size. Depending on the circumstances, you will therefore:

  • Vouch for the strategic contribution that you project brings and communicate on its progress to representatives at all levels of your client's organisation.
  • Work with the project's Cloud Architect to translate the client's Cloud strategy and roadmap into a solid Project Plan/Agile Project Approach (hereinafter jointly referenced to as 'Project Plan' for concisesness' sake)
  • Translate the Project Plan into manageable and measurable work package/instruction sets for all involved, either under the traditional project approach.
  • Address all project-related risks, typically in cooperation with Operations, Security and Compliance

Of course, we'd hope you'll have the opportunity to fill in any gaps on-the-job since we take self-development very seriously!

  • You have affinity with technological concepts, e.g. infrastructure, hosting, networking, IaaS, PaaS, DevOps, etc.
  • You can work with contemporary tooling e.g. Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Projects, Microsoft Visio, ..., and produce professional documentation using Microsoft Word and Excel (specifically including Management Reports).

What we offer?

In addition to a healthy remuneration, you’ll gain several secondary benefits.

  • Typically, strong bonds between colleagues both on the job and beyond.
  • Ample space for your self-development: access to training in various forms.
  • The freedom to make suggestions and take responsibility
  • To be part of a growing business with corresponding career opportunities
  • No unending traffic jams thanks to our favorable location outside Ghent.
  • A competitive salary, supplemented by a company car, an enhanced non-statutory benefits package, and 26 days annual holiday
  • After effort comes recreation! We know how to amuse ourselves at our happy Fridays, teams events, breakfasts, lunches,etc
  • And last but not least: just for once, great-tasting office coffee powered by the Ghent coffee-roasting company De Draak. And not forgetting tea lovers ether, our choice is not just limited to Yellow Label ;-)

Your profile

At minimum you have a bachelor's degree (or demonstrable comparable working and thinking skills) in computer of information science, engineering, IT, or Mathematics. You are capable of bridging technology and business.

  • You have 5 years' experience under the belt in managing projects (traditional 'waterfall' - styled ones, but obviously Cloud-centric ones are even more relevant)
  • You have demonstrable experience in working on both hosted and outsourced business landscapes - preferably, the Cloud. Project types could for example include:
    • Data migrations
    • data center to Public Cloud Migration
    • Application Transformation e.g. moving a traditional n-tier enterprise architecture to a fully Cloud-native successor
    • internal/external Application development
  • as you are delivering a strategic deliverable (the project), you are a strategic thinker.
  • The Cloud Era brings with it that you'll work with many more and (more diverse) people than ever before, and this is varying constellations. Hence, you have strong leadership qualities and combine flexibilty with a convincing posture.
  • You’ll work with people from many cultures, from differing generations – and this at all layers of organisations. You are capable of effective communication with people of any age, occupation, and background.
  • You speak and write business English and the national language(s) of the country in which you’ll work for Sentia.
  • Your job is to align the minds and actions of technical and non-technical individuals alike
    (i.e., IT consultants, Cloud Architects, C-level personnel, Stakeholders, Product Owners, Application Engineers, …). You therefore can provide clear instructions, make all involved aware of their role in reaching the success factors, and are a formidable communicator.
  • Certification: holding a certificate for Project Management is desirable, but proven experience is equally acceptable.
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