Cloud System Consultant Lochristi

We are Sentia, we help organisations with their Cloud Transitioning and Transformation along the axles of People, Processes and Technology. Ultimately, we help our customers go through actual Digital Transformation and even to become the 'disruptive force' in their respective industries!

Operation intercontinentally from our local offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, we are now looking for new colleagues to help service national and international clients. We currently employ some 25 nationalities and welcome international colleagues.

What we expect?

Apart from a healthy salary and various secondary benefits, you'll work in an open and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded people. Besides working together, we have fun together and under "A Great Place to Work" we frequently engage in relaxing activities.

Your general responsibilities revolve around strong Engineering capabilities and may encompass:

  • Plan, design, develop, roll out, manage,
    and support customers’ Cloud solutions.
  • Work with customer representatives to operate and evolve their Cloud resources, often under a DevOps-styled cooperation model.
  • Apply all relevant Best Practices of Sentia
    and those of our Public Cloud suppliers (Google, Microsoft, and AWS).
  • Contribute to the continuous development of Sentia’s own Best Practices.
  • Share knowledge with colleagues and
    clients - and in turn, attend others’
    training sessions.


Depending on your role in a specific project / at a given customer, your tasks may include:

  • Develop, deploy, maintain, and evolve modular and distributed Cloud platforms for clients - often using CI/CD pipelines and corresponding work methods.
  • Same, for software solutions (e.g., frontend / backend programming).
  • Document your work and solutions for internal and external purposes, e.g., Functional Design Specifications.
  • In general, support and guide customer representatives in their use of the Cloud solutions.
  • Specifically, be the ‘Dev part’ in the DevOps relationship with clients’ application teams.
  • Process customers’ requests for information and changes, providing solid advice where necessary
  • Write and maintain scripts, templates, etc. that control components (application, Cloud services, deployments, Integration, …).
  • Be the Subject Matter Expert on all topics related to the client environments assigned to you.
  • Partake in (Security) Incident Management and Problem Management, e.g., debugging of (Infrastructure / application) code, performing
    Root Analyses, and the designing and rolling out
    of solution to problems.
  • Establish and maintain the networking within the Cloud solutions and all external connections.
  • Perform and facilitate (Security) audits on customer environments.
  • Stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving Cloud service ecosystem through continuous learning.
  • Roll out the solutions as per the Architects’ designs and plans.

What we offer?

In addition to a healthy remuneration, you’ll gain several secondary benefits.

  • Typically, strong bonds between colleagues both on the job and beyond.
  • Ample space for your self-development: access to training in various forms.
  • The freedom to make suggestions and take responsibility
  • To be part of a growing business with corresponding career opportunities
  • No unending traffic jams thanks to our favorable location outside Ghent.
  • A competitive salary, supplemented by a company car, an enhanced non-statutory benefits package, and 26 days annual holiday
  • After effort comes recreation! We know how to amuse ourselves at our happy Fridays, teams events, breakfasts, lunches,etc
  • And last but not least: just for once, great-tasting office coffee powered by the Ghent coffee-roasting company De Draak. And not forgetting tea lovers ether, our choice is not just limited to Yellow Label ;-)

Your profile

Of course, we’d hope you’ll have all of the following qualifications, but understand that this is likely not yet the case. You will have the opportunity to fill in any gaps on-the-job since we take self-development very seriously!

  • Experience with Cloud-based services and applications.
  • Experience with working in an Agile constellation (internal / external), and in cross-functional teams that may include Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, Designers, Business Analysts, etc.
  • Experience in working with IaaS (Virtual Machines / Instances) as well as with PaaS (Public Cloud abstracted services such as Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, and Relational Database Service).
  • Hands-on experience with SCM tooling
    (e.g., Chef, Puppet, Ansible, …).
  • Demonstrable experience in languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, PHP, .NET, Python, PowerShell, C++, and Ruby.
  • Intimate knowledge of at least one mainstream OS.
  • Knowledge of web services, APIs, and REST.
  • Solid understanding of networking internet protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP, …).
  • Knowledge of databases such as Hadoop, SQL / NoSQL, as well as Public Cloud PaaS database services.
  • Extensive experience with open-source technology, software development,
    and system engineering.
  • At minimum you have a bachelor’s degree (or demonstrable comparable working and thinking skills) in computer or information science, engineering, IT, or Mathematics. You are capable of bridging technology and business.
  • You have thorough experience with at least one Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), and a willingness to build up a basic understanding of other Cloud flavours as well. Having experience with Private Cloud (e.g., ESXi virtualisation) speaks in your benefit.
  • For roles other than Software Engineering Consultant, you have experience with at least one Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). It speaks in your benefit if you are additionally proficient in at least one generally available OS, programming environ-ment, Security framework, or business management approach.
  • You speak and write business English and the national language(s) of the country in which you’ll work for Sentia.
  • As you’ll need to solve technological issues, you have great analytical skills, a keen eye for detail, and can maintain your calm even under pressure.
  • You are a team player, both within your Cell and in the relation with client representatives – yet can also work
    alone and take high-impact decisions autonomously.
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