Cloud Engineer for Technical Application Support Utrecht / Amsterdam

Jij bent

You are

  • A driven Linux Cloud Engineer
  • Someone who gets a kick from working with other experts
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You'll get

  • A comprehensive mixed cloud environment based on Linux
  • A team that takes care of business-critical enterprise environments
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Your Tasks

  • Learning different things and handling incidents, service requests and projects
  • Working with Oracle products in a mixed cloud environment
  • Automating, where possible, via Ansible

Our team is seeking a colleague who likes to work at middleware level. Do you share our passion for databases and applications in (private) cloud environments? At the same time, you don’t shy away from on-prem environments? In short, would you like to work with different environments within middleware and associated infrastructure? If so, come and talk to ‘Team Yellow’ at Sentia.

At Sentia we set up and maintain cloud environments, while striving for zero down time. We do this by taking ownership and automating and virtualizing as much as possible. Each of our engineers is an all-rounder with their own specialism in the (private) cloud field. As an all-round engineer with a primary focus on Linux, you will migrate, maintain and deploy solutions in a (private) cloud environment.

As with the rest of the team, you will ensure that management is proactive, and that customers' technical requests are handled optimally. Of course, you will make smart use of automation wherever possible. Analyzing complex incidents/problems falls under your remit, but that’s something you like sinking your teeth into. You do this by yourself or together with colleagues. At the same time, you do everything in your power to prevent incidents by identifying potential problems and monitoring all environments.

What do we offer?

It’s important to us that you can develop yourself to the fullest at Sentia and we will do everything we can to provide that opportunity. You will find yourself working in a pleasant environment, alongside driven colleagues. In addition, you can expect the following:

  • uren per week

    A 32-40-hour work week with flexible working hours

  • laptop telefoon en reiskosten

    A competitive salary which can grow up to €5,300 p/m (based on 40h).

  • persoonlijk opleidingsbudget

    Non-contributory pension and a yearly bonus

  • Self-development

    Plenty of opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally

  • teamsamenstelling

    Working alongside 620 great colleagues across the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark

  • vakantiedagen

    25 vacation days (based on 40h)

  • Soort projecten

    Your choice: Apple or Dell?

  • Type klanten

    Fun drinks and parties with your team and with Sentia as a whole!

When are you fir for the job?

  • For techies at both MBO4 and HBO (Vocational or Bachelor) levels, we’ve got the right challenge
  • You will have, on average, around 3 years of professional work experience
  • While you are Pro Linux, you won’t turn your nose up at Windows servers
  • You’re lazy in the right way - automation is the solution!
  • It goes without saying that it’s part of your mindset to be available 24x7 bi-monthly for our mission critical applications.
  • You have knowledge and experience of tools such as Ansible, Git and applications like Apache/Nginx and HAproxy
  • You have an affinity with databases such as Oracle. MySQL is an advantage.


If you are interested in applying or would like more information, contact Frank Hallie via @NL | Jobs or call +31 (0)88 42 42 200. If you know someone who might be interested, please share this vacancy via links below.


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What can you expect after pushing the apply button? We follow some steps. They can differ from time to time due covid or other circumstances. But in general you can follow this guideline to become a true Sentian as soon as possible. We're looking forward to it!

  • Positivity

    You've applied, great. We're ready for you!

  • report

    We check your profile for the best match

  • Listen first

    We'll give you a call or plan a video intake

  • Always transparent

    You will have a video meet with two colleagues

  • Self-development

    You're second interview (hopefully at the office)

  • Expressroute 2

    Everytihng still great? Then you'll recieve an offer matching your skills, experience and is in line with your colleagues

  • Agility

    You've accepted the offer. We'll start you're onboarding

  • Positivity

    Your first day. We give you a warm welcome you're buddy is right there for you!


As soon as you begin working at Sentia, you will be assigned a buddy. Your buddy is a colleague who familiarizes you with your team, the systems, culture and way of working. You will also be introduced to the clients.

During the initial period, you will mostly be busy learning how we work. You will need to understand our standard of IaC coding, our deployment mechanisms and our operational processes. You will also work on preparing a number of releases, to learn our way of working, hands-on. Following that, you’ll also get to know all the customer systems, while participating in support and projects. In this way, you learn immediately about the environments used by your customers.

Luckily, we work with a clear process at Sentia and everything is clearly documented. You can also approach your colleagues with any questions you may have. Having become familiar with your customers’ environments, it’s time to go beyond supporting customers with fixes and troubleshooting. You can get started on developing and optimizing their environments. Your individual development is of central importance to us, and we consider it imperative that this opportunity is put to use within Sentia.

About Sentia

We are one of the fastest growing IT service providers in North West Europe, with a 100% focus on our Cloud First strategy. With over 600 employees, we are impossible to miss. From our offices in Amsterdam, Nieuwegein, Rotterdam, Copenhagen and Ghent, we work hard on what drives us: state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for our customers.

At Sentia, you get all the space you need to develop your talents. We are convinced that you can only lead the way by continuing to develop yourself. That’s why we do everything we can to constantly innovate with you in both technology and your personal skills. Your colleagues regularly attend events like DevOps days, Microsoft events / trainings and AWS events / trainings and you are always given space to earn the latest certifications in AWS, Azure, Windows, Linux, Ansible, Python, Powershell, Ruby, MongoDB, Oracle, Apache, JBoss and Splunk ... or whatever you need!

Our Sentian Values



We regularly leave our comfort zone.

We challenge ourselves more than Sentia challenges us.

We have realistic views of our skills and always look for ways to improve.

We accept mistakes, but we strive for zero repeats.

Always transparent


We communicate clearly, concisely and often.

We share our thoughts and concerns immediately with honesty.

We don’t make assumptions, we rather ask that extra question.

We don’t rely on emails alone for perfect communication

Listen first

Listen first

We focus on listening rather than responding.

We take the approach that everything is a hypothesis and we could be wrong.

Internally we also listen. If you have an idea or a problem; we are here for you.

We understand first before we try to be understood

Extreme Ownership

Extreme Ownership

We do what we say and say what we do (and don’t do).

We take ownership, always willing to go the extra (s)mile.

We are accountable and document our work (and time).

We strive to exceed expectations (of customers, team members, partners).



We don’t speak negatively about colleagues or customers.

We look at the upside first when change presents itself.

We don’t complain, but there’s always room to share our concerns.

We never miss an opportunity to give positive feedback.

Join the lead generation

We welcome new talent as a part of our cloud journey. Start the next step in your career and send us your application. Don't follow the path, lead the way.