Meet our Sentians

What does a working day of a Sentian actually look like?

About Sentia

In this section we provide a monthly glimpse of working at Sentia. What assignments would an Engineer handle for our customers? What is it like to work as an account manager within Sentia? How does an average day look for us?

With 650+ colleagues we have a lot of people working with different nationalities. We are proud of this and it shows that no matter where you come from, if you have passion for IT then Sentia is the right place for you.

Meet our Sentians!

Nathan Wouda - Cloud Engineer

Sentia’s rapid growth regularly brings along exciting challenges and changes. That’s exactly what makes it so interesting for Nathan.

“The nice thing there is that while we have many different teams, each with its own way of working, we all seek uniformity in the Ansible Steering Group. I welcome the challenge of finding solutions that can help the organization.”

Nathan Wouda
Bernd Weusthof

Bernd Weusthof - Cloud Engineer

Bernd his experience of his first days at Sentia were very positive. “The whole team helped me. At Sentia, people really take the time to teach each other things. As a result, I immediately felt I was in the right place at Sentia and could raise my IT knowledge to a higher level.”

What makes someone successful in IT? According to Bernd it’s especially important to be so interested, you want to know everything about it. “It’s also very important to be analytical by nature: what is the problem? What is the big picture? What steps must you take to solve a problem? Technical knowledge then comes naturally."

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