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What does a working day of a Sentian actually look like?

About Sentia

In this section, we provide a monthly glimpse of working at Sentia. What assignments would an Engineer handle for our customers? What is it like to work as an account manager within Sentia? And, what does an average workday look like for us?

With 650+ colleagues working at Senia, we have attracted people from all over the world. We are incredibly proud of this and believe that no matter where you are from, if you have a passion for IT then Sentia is the right place for you.

Meet our Sentians!

Ian Zein

Ian Zein - CEO

"I have been the CEO since the company was founded in 1999. For me working at Sentia is never boring. The world is changing rapidly and Sentia tries to be ahead of the curve. Therefore we must constantly reinvent ourselves. If I have to describe the culture, I would say that we are entrepreneurial with technology focus. At Sentia we do it together and we go for quality."

Yana Martynova - Project Manager

"I was looking to develop my career as a Project Manager in an IT company. Sentia was a great choice giving an option to grow exactly in that direction. I was glad and very enthusiastic to become a part of the team for Cloud journey. I've had a warm welcome from the People & Process team. I was challenged to start the new project but had great support from colleagues. I really appreciated freedom in the possibility for my decision-making, as well as strong guidance if help was needed. For the future, I would like to grow into a mature Project Manager with the ability to lead complicated projects. My aim is also to gain technical understanding and expertise."


Dave Goldsmith - Senior Continuity Engineer

"I chose Sentia because they are an exciting, dynamic and expanding company that offered me the opportunities to broaden my horizons. I started with a group of other colleagues on the same day, during our induction we had informal talks on the company, the company’s history, the company’s way of working and what the vision is for the future. After lunch we continued our introduction with our Team Managers on setting up our accounts and accesses etc. A lot of what I know about Sentia is from that induction."

Jappe Reuling - Team Manager Control Center

"I've had a lot of opportunities, first I've been busy with onboarding a big customer and jumping in on big projects, then rebuilding a customer team and the last year building a whole new team that delivers a product for the internal organization. Working at Sentia makes it fun for me because there is always a lot happening, I have nice colleagues and it is a flat organization where you get a lot of opportunities. We have a work hard, play hard mentality with an open culture."

Jappe Reuling
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