Interview with Andrei Petrov - Continuity Engineer

Andrei was already completely at home in the world of Kubernetes and containers, but he wanted to learn more about the cloud. He found this combination at Sentia, where he works as a Continuity Engineer. Read more...

"I see myself as an entrepreneur," says Andrei.

Already an expert in Kubernetes and containers, Andrei wanted to keep learning. Having come from Italy to the Netherlands about 9 months ago (for love), he applied to Sentia, so he could learn more about the cloud. In this article, Andrei talks about his first months at Sentia and the culture within the organization.

"Kubernetes is my specialty. Over the last few years I grew a lot at the company where I worked in Milan. From a technical perspective however, I actually wanted to do something different to what I had done until then. The moment I came to the Netherlands and saw a cloud vacancy at Sentia, I decided to apply."

Andrei became very enthusiastic during the assessment. "I really enjoyed doing the assessment." It turned out there was a good click with his new colleagues. "It was fun right away. We work in close teams and also do lots together after work."

Consultancy and knowledge sharing

Shortly after he was hired, Andrei joined a new Consultancy team. Within that team he has many different responsibilities, which fit his role as a Continuity Engineer."

"I make customer requirements analyses and based on that, I create a design for the infrastructure. If I see problems I try to come up with a solution. For this, I talk to the client. Depending on the situation, these are very informal conversations or formal presentations."

After that, Andrei follows the implementation of platforms. “I define an operational model, which I then transfer to team Green, one of our customer teams. I support this team during the operation."

That support consists of, for example, improving technical gaps. "In addition, I read a lot of papers about new developments and transfer this knowledge to the team, so team members can put it into practice immediately."

"I also work regularly with clients as a Consultant. I try to make the journey to the cloud clear in an understandable way and talk to the Developers of customers’ applications. I also think alongside the client to come up with different ways to make the IT environment more mature."

In addition to his Consultancy activities, Andrei is also part of an internal Kubernetes team at Sentia. "This is a technical group of people who exchange knowledge on Kubernetes and containers."

Plenty of freedom and continuous learning and development"

Andrei has found that at Sentia he really gets the chance to delve into new topics and he learns a lot from this. “That’s interwoven into Sentia's culture. The internal group on Kubernetes and containers is a good example of this."

But Andrei also sees that culture reflected in other ways. “Of course, you take your team into account, you work together and seek a consensus. However, if as a Technician you have a better idea, you can also implement that. You really get the freedom and space to continuously develop yourself."

Such development is also crucial, because Sentia's customers don’t opt for "cheap" standard solutions. “Our customers go for maturity. They want quality, customization, robustness and innovation. As Engineers, we must therefore have a lot of knowledge and skills."

Andrei feels completely at home with Sentia. “I see Sentia as an entrepreneur, but also myself. I don't like being "managed". At Sentia, positioning yourself as an entrepreneur is valued. I like that very much."

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