Interview with: Bernd Weusthof - Continuity Engineer

"At Sentia I get the freedom to put creativity into my work”

For Bernd Weusthof, the combined role of Senior Continuity Engineer and Lead Engineer at Sentia is ideal. “As Lead Engineer I advise clients, but as Continuity Engineer I also participate in implementations.” Bernd followed his own path towards his current position, and he talks about that in this article.

Bernd followed a Pre-Bachelor’s course in Electrical Engineering. "Maybe not the level of study that people expect from someone who holds my position." After completing his education, Bernd worked at another company, where he held a dual function and worked as an IT Administrator.

He gained a lot of knowledge during that time. “I noticed that if you like something, you can learn everything about it. You don’t always need to follow a course to do so. At some point however, he felt his old role no longer offered enough of a challenge. "I hit the ‘ceiling’ there, but still wanted to learn more."

At that point Bernd decided to apply to Sentia - almost four years ago now. “I did an assessment and was accepted. The Teamlead felt that while I still had a lot to learn, the potential was there.

His experience of the induction period was very positive. “The whole team helped me. At Sentia, people really take the time to teach each other things. As a result, I immediately felt I was in the right place at Sentia and could raise my IT knowledge to a higher level.”

Bernd didn’t experience any disadvantage from not studying IT at a university or college. “Developments in IT happen so fast it can hardly be integrated into a traditional school system. I’ve noticed that where you come from is less important in IT, it’s all about where you want to go.”

So, what makes someone successful in IT? According to Bernd it’s especially important to be so interested, you want to know everything about it. “It’s also very important to be analytical by nature: what is the problem? What is the big picture? What steps must you take to solve a problem? Technical knowledge then comes naturally."

Bernd has gained lots of new knowledge over the past four years, but that wasn't enough for him. “The first period I worked in a different team as a Continuity Engineer. I noticed however that I prefer to have more personal contact with customers, working with them to find optimal solutions to their challenges. Partly due to these interests, I switched teams and later advanced to become Senior Continuity Engineer and Lead Engineer.”

In Bernd's opinion, the most wonderful thing about Sentia is that you are not tied to one place or team. “If you want to change direction or further specialize in a technology, you get that chance. At Sentia you get the freedom to be creative, and that is really important to me."

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