Interview with Michel Klomp - Cloud Systems Engineer

Curious about what it's like to work at Sentia? Read below about the experiences of our Cloud System Engineer, Michel!

Michel Klomp

"You are not in a box at Sentia"

Michel feels completely at home in the Azure team at Sentia. "I work as a Cloud Systems Engineer on cool projects and learn something new every week." In this article, Michel talks about his move to Sentia, his experiences in his first year and his plans for the coming year.

Over one year ago, Michel decided to apply for the role of Cloud Systems Engineer at Sentia. "I had worked as a System Administrator for some time and was already familiar with Azure in hosting environments. I was also interested in scripting."

New challenges

Michel felt that he had reached the limits of the possibilities his previous position offered. “I wanted to do much more with the combination of automation and Azure, and in larger environments. For me, that was a good reason to apply for a position at Sentia."

Michel has now been working at Sentia for a year. Initially, he mainly worked on ARM templates for deploying resources in Azure. “We use the templates we build to establish the IT environments for customers. We do that in Landing Zone, our Infra as Code solution."

Then he was ready to get started on working for Sentia's largest customer. “I mainly do consultancy work for this client now. Together with colleagues, we do deep dives with customer teams, make designs and roll them out. With the help of our Landing Zone, we set up an environment.” The environment is then transferred to the application teams.


Michel is enthusiastic about the past year. “I really learned a lot about the Infra as Code part on Azure. We have built a whole solution on it.” He had not seen Azure as part of a complete solution before. "It’s much more extensive than I have ever experienced."

And that brings all kinds of new challenges. “I came across various new situations and as a result, could go much deeper into things. The nice thing is that you work in a team where a lot of knowledge is available. In that way, you can learn lots of interesting things from each other.”

Within the team - that regularly socializes together after working hours - everyone has their own specializations and interests. "Of course, we all have a common base, but there is also lots of room to delve into other topics that appeal to you."

“There are Engineers with an interest in the networking part of Azure, while others are very good at Kubernetes. Others again are busy making templates, keeping track of solutions, doing deep dives, or making designs. If you are interested in something, you can ensure you get to know everything about it.”

Kubernetes, Azure en DevOps

Michel is full of plans for the next phase. “I have been working with Kubernetes for a while. I find the way in which applications land on it to be very interesting. It is of course based on containers, also a very interesting technology for me."

“In addition, I want to delve even further into Azure and DevOps, and in particular the cloud native roles within them. I want to program even more and get to know the connections better."

Not in a box

Although Michel feels like a fish in water, he thinks working at Sentia does not suit everyone. “With Sentia you get a lot of freedom, but you have to be able to handle that. You are expected to be flexible, take initiative yourself, work well together and work agile with Scrum.”

On the other hand, that freedom also offers many opportunities, Michel notes. “The Azure team is growing fast, there are many new customers and constantly new activities. You can do lots of different tasks. If something suits you and you want to learn it, there is room to delve into it. You are not in a box at Sentia.”

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