Managed application continuity

Managed Application Continuity

Make sure your sparkle never dims

A fully managed application stack to help you maintain performance and optimise uptime - from development platforms all the way up to production.

Modern life is 24/7, your business should be too

Ensure continuity of your outsourced applications by introducing modern DevOps and DTAP practices and architecture. We’ll help you to monitor and manage the performance of mission-critical services, to keep your business running smoothly no matter what happens.

Monitoring complex (cloud) applications
Architecture built for uptime

Architecture built for uptime

Scale your application environment and increase capacity when usage peaks.

Pro-active monitoring

Pro-active monitoring

Maintain performance with proactive monitoring of potential threats to applications.

Continuous management 24-7

Continuous management 24/7

Get reassurance from a fully managed environment that ensures continuous performance.

DDoS mitigation tools

DDOS mitigation tools

Utilise our experts and resist DDoS attacks, using specialised tools to protect you.

Agile architecture that moves with demand

According to an ITIC survey, more than 80% of businesses now need guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. With our solution, your capacity scales alongside demand, so applications keep performing exactly when you need them most.

An environment managed for performance

Our dedicated team of architects and engineers monitor, guard, and manage your application environment against several different KPIs. We’ll also provide you with clear SLAsto guarantee the elasticity, availability, and security of services 24/7.

Expert support to protect as you evolve

Our advanced security configuration makes sure that you evolve with threats to stay protected. Our expert team will secure your entire application environment, safeguarding you against DDOS attacks so that nothing can slow you down.

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Technology in this solution

Monitoring complex (cloud) applications

A clear vision on the road to success

As a leading managed service provider, we design, build and manage cloud services for major vendors such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, combined with a 24/7 operation and support guarantee. We help you optimise your business today, so you can reinvent your industry tomorrow.

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Design:By discovering your IT landscape and business needs, we recommend and design the next steps of your digital transformation.


Build:With our expertise in Azure, AWS and application development, we set up and migrate infrastructure, processes and build or refactor applications.


Manage:We take extreme ownership with our fully managed and monitored services, and 24/7 dedicated support. Making sure you stay compliant.


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