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Sentia is your full-stack AWS MSP

With over 10 years of partnership with Amazon Web Services, Sentia has developed extensive expertise on AWS. Whether you are new to AWS and starting your cloud journey, or already have an AWS environment and need expertise to help you achieve the next step in operational excellence, Sentia is ready to help you lead the way.

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AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Sentia is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. In 2015, after engaging in the AWS Managed Service Provider Program, we became the first AWS MSP partner in the Benelux. We continuously invest in learning and adopting new AWS services, resulting in extensive knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your AWS investment. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we can provide your AWS Cloud Foundation, help you successfully perform your Cloud Transformation, and finally enable you to get the most out of your investment with our Application Control services. For this, we’ve developed several unique offerings, such as our dedicated Landing Zone and our 5-D model.

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high-performance data processing

Modern application development

Do you need your applications to positively impact your business? Sentia has extensive experience in configuration management, infrastructure automation, containers and CI/CD in relation to your cloud journey. For every application, we have transformation strategies ready to reach their desired state.

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Cloud Migration

Are you ready to bring your IT environment to the next level? Sentia excels in delivering application and service solutions that accelerate your migration to the AWS cloud. Based on both our experience and DevOps principles, we have developed highly efficient processes to facilitate and optimize your AWS cloud migration.

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Security & Compliance

Worried about the security of your environment? Relax! We are a firm believer of security and compliance by design. This means we adopt AWS security requirements, implement our best practices and bring your security and compliance requirements into action. All activities are transformed into guardrails that help to enforce security requirements.

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AWS Well-Architected Review partner

Sentia has qualified its Lead Solution Architects to conduct the AWS Well-Architected Reviews, making us an AWS Well-Architected Review partner. AWS developed the “Well-Architected Framework” to help architects design, build and optimise infrastructures for their applications, based on AWS best practices. The framework provides a consistent approach to evaluate architectures and implement designs that will scale over time. Sentia's experts will review your workload based on the five pillars of AWS Well-Architected Framework. These reviews will identify possible risks and provide solutions to improve your architecture. Contact us to benchmark your architecture against AWS best practices.

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Innovate with AWS

AWS is known for its innovative power. In practice, this means using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and extensive automation are closer than you might think.


Analytics & data lakes

Nowadays, data are everything. Sentia enables you to use your data the most efficient way to achieve business goals. In practice, this means using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and extensive automation are closer than you might think. Sentia helps you collect, correlate and visualize your data to discover actionable insights.

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Containers & Kubernetes

Kubernetes is not just a new technology, it calls for a different approach to application development, implementation and management. You can even deploy Kubernetes to manage containerized applications and data that are located in different cloud environments.

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Modernise traditional software

Serverless Computing

The future of computing is serverless. Let Amazon worry about operating systems, patching, networking, scaling and high availability, so you can focus on your application. Building a serverless application requires a different approach to software development. Sentia has extensive experience in this area and can help you apply new techniques in the best possible way.

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The ‘quest’ for artificial intelligence and machine learning is everywhere. But how do you implement machine learning in your business? Sentia has Machine Learning Engineers that can help you with potential challenges and show you how to implement machine learning solutions.

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Sentia's AWS Competences

We are proud to be granted with multiple AWS Competencies. These certificates show that Sentia has technical proficiency and proven customer success in these specialized solution areas. With more than 50 AWS certified solutions architects and our passionate APN ambassador Luc van Donkersgoed, our AWS expertise is fully embedded and practiced throughout our organisation.

Advanced Consulting Partner

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