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Cloud transformation is a must for your organization in order to maintain and accelerate your business. Investing in digital transformation is today a top priority for companies worldwide who believe it is crucial to their future success*. The right cloud strategy can help you stay competitive and even take the lead in an ever more challenging landscape. But knowing where and how to kickstart your cloud transformation project or how to optimize your existing efforts, can be a challenge. Sentia guides you through your complete transformation journey of both infrastructure as well as business-critical workloads from your environment to a cloud solution. Our cloud experts will help you accelerate by transforming your landscape step by step, whether it is for public, private or hybrid cloud.

What Sentia can do for you

Digital transformation never stops - improve your IT landscape, application by application - and while executing, modern application management ensures operational challenges are automated in parallel while proactively managing costs.

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Cloud Journey

Switching to a cloud environment, or optimizing an existing environment is a complex process. It almost always leads to changes in technology, people's knowledge and mindset, and processes. Whatever point you are at in your cloud journey, Sentia can assist with the appropriate services and practical advice. We start out by asking the question: where are you now, and how can we help?

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Digital Transformation

The current market shows that organizations are adopting Cloud at a large scale. They don’t just transform ‘one application’ but migrate their whole application landscape to the Cloud. At Sentia, we have extensive experience in (public) cloud transformations for both AWS, Azure and Google, using a clear and step-by-step approach.

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Whether you are taking the first steps towards the cloud, or need to accelerate your cloud journey, Sentia is there to help. We’ve developed a transformation model that enables you to continuously choose the right transformation strategy for your application in every life-cycle stage. It will help you to Discover and Define the way to go, so you can Design, Develop and Deploy your applications accordingly.

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