Endpoint Analytics

Intelligent monitoring for any device, any experience

Existing IT management solutions tell you how IT services are provided and delivered, but not how they are consumed. IT cannot really tell you how employees use their services or how those services impact their productivity and engagement. Sentia Endpoint Analytics helps you obtain full visibility, close the employee experience gap, and support your digital business.

Support your digital business

Improving the end-user experience is a strategic part of digital transformation. However, it is a challenge to stay in control while facing the challenges of the digital business powered by mobile and web applications, supporting user experience, and managing an IT environment. Endpoint Analytics (EP) is one of the fundamental constituents of Digital Experience Monitoring that focuses on optimizing business transactions and end-user journeys regardless of where workloads reside. EP provides visibility into end-user devices and digital agents for device-level performance, providing a new way for IT to continuously improve its ability to engage, empower and delight people at work no matter where they work and at any time.

Close the digital employee experience gap

The broad spectrum of user technology is a logistical nightmare for IT service organizations. Not only are there many different devices, but also a wide range of operating systems, range of hardware limitations, and inconsistencies in user behavior across multiple devices - such as using a web application vs. a mobile - and on top of that, connection types ranging from wi-fi to cellular data. Sentia Endpoint Analytics embraces employees' machines, whether physical or virtual, including desktops, laptops, thin clients, and mobile devices. With data collection occurring on the endpoint, EP provides visibility regardless of your infrastructure environment.

Gain full visibility and become proactive

Visibility presents a major challenge for organizations with employees working outside of the corporate network and infrastructure on an ever-increasing divergence of devices. With Sentia Endpoint Analytics, you can obtain the ability to visualize and control experience from the user device perspective and facilitate workforce productivity improvements by collecting, analyzing, and reporting data even when employees aren’t domain-joined. Become proactive and solve potential issues before they have impact!

Mission critical application continuity

Optimized work experience

Understand your users' overall digital experience, covering application usage and tech adoption with real-time feedback, and use this information to deploy workplace optimizations, enabling a ‘work from anywhere’ business model and right-sizing IT provisions for any work models to boost productivity.

Pro-active monitoring

Effective performance monitoring

Enable a proactive performance monitoring approach by identifying potential issues before they arise as well as potential candidates for automation. With the full overview of negative end-user performance impacts, you can reduce mean-time-to-resolution leading to bolstered security and compliance.

Fully managed from back to front

Improved employee satisfaction

To work from anywhere effectively, employees rely on dependable devices. Resilient devices combined with improved IT service quality positively impact the employee experience, even for the remote workforce, and drive workplace satisfaction, leading to improved NPS scores and loyalty.

Lead the way with modern performance monitoring

Sentia Endpoint Analytics is the key performance monitoring solution that provides you with the missing piece of your end-user experience overview. By collecting performance metrics as well as usage information, our experts can help you understand the impact of IT performance on employees and guide your business decisions from both an operational and strategic perspective to reduce costs, improve IT service delivery, make IT investments that best fit your employees and boost productivity.

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