Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Become proactiveand secure your digital experiences

Customers are reporting bad user experiences, and with no insights, you are constantly on your heels without timely control of your performance. Turn your situation around and secure successful digital customer experiences with proactive synthetic transaction monitoring by Sentia.

Simulate and monitor end-user actions

Your IT performance depends on many different components, and likewise, the ultimate user experience is also comprised of many factors. Even if all of the individual components appear to perform adequately, the end-user experience can still be unsatisfactory and the quality of IT - insufficient. Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) is a proactive monitoring solution providing you the ability to monitor performance at frequencies and locations of your choice at any time. Use this reliable and immediate insight to test new applications, perform benchmarks or identify bottlenecks and help fix issues before they impact your end-users.

Go beyond availability

When striving to deliver high-level performance, it is not sufficient to only monitor the availability and uptime of your APIs and applications. STM is one of the fundamental constituents of Digital Experience Monitoring, allowing you to simulate and capture processes, transactions, and business-critical customer journeys to provide a full performance evaluation picture. We create reliable availability, stability, and performance KPI reports needed for your successful IT Operations Management strategy. With performance trends and KPI reports in hand, you can manage (internal or external) suppliers, obtain an objective picture of end-user experiences, make informed choices and shorten resolution times.

Capture and optimize your digital experience scenario

Sentia Synthetic Transaction Monitoring is your path to optimizing performance in multiple specific scenarios using scripted transactions to identify issues that could potentially affect your end-users. Use STM to alert you of any problems across a wide range of different use cases.

Fully replicatable workspaces

No restrictions

Take advantage of accurate end-user monitoring covering all your cloud applications through all connections on any location, on any device. Recognize data trends, detect anomalies, and correlate multiple data sources through one single point of truth for all layers of IT and business on desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Improve customer experience

Stop using customers as your quality assurance team, resulting in damage to reputation and dissatisfaction when performance is poor. Avoid causing end-user frustration - with smart alerting you can detect errors or poor performance and receive alerts by email and text messages and take proactive action before end-users experience impact.

Align your architecture with your policies

Test and compare

Test out new features, services, and applications in a secure environment and how they affect your end-users before the go-live. Using our Apdex measure, you can index your performance data to benchmark and determine your IT services' quality.

Lead the way with modern performance monitoring

Sentia Synthetic Transaction Monitoring is a key application performance monitoring solution including 24/7 support and quality control, providing you with the ability to simulate and measure end-user actions. Our experts will help you get objective performance data of your IT environment to identify faults at early stages preventing downtime, reducing the mean time to resolution, and optimizing your IT performance proactively.

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