Real User Monitoring

Your knowledge source of actual users and their actions

Lead the way with modern application performance monitoring

Imagine a world where you have the full insight into how your users behave across different platforms, and you are always tracking the right KPI's. Here, your diagnosis of poor performance and getting to the root cause of issues is happening quickly, resulting in a fast mean time to resolution. This is the world of Sentia Real User Monitoring, where you stay in control of user experience and how applications affect your business outcomes.

Sentia Real User Monitoring is a key application performance monitoring solution providing you with the complete picture of your end-user experience. Our experts will help you to streamline your APM-strategy with our solution designed to facilitate troubleshooting and improve performance.

The full picture of end-user experience

Sentia Real User Monitoring brings new observability and insight into the customer digital experience from the end user's perspective. A single real-time view monitors all user actions taken with application performance context across the globe to facilitate troubleshooting and improve performance.

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Identify and diagnose poor performance impacting users 

Many organizations lack visibility into performance problems in production environments. RUM helps you identify poor performing parts of your application that may be negatively impacting the user experience, your revenue, and reputation.

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Measure the impact of performance optimizations 

Once you’ve diagnosed a performance problem, you should have all the information you need to make improvements quickly, ensure customer and SLA satisfaction and avoid poor customer reviews and complaints.

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Understand how users experience your application

Gain insights into your customer’s experience. Anticipate problems before they arise and proactively contact customers when things go wrong, and prevent poor app ratings – protect your reputation.

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