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Manage complexityand stay compliant

Sentia will monitor your business 24x7 and provide you with predictive, proactive and reactive measures to ensure availability, and make sure that your business is continuously protected against internal and external threats.

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Safeguard your data with Sentia as your managed security partner

Security and compliance services are a part of our DNA. With a history of managed security service provider from the very beginning, our security and compliance services can be aligned to industry specific (certification) requirements. No organisations are too complex to handle and we offer comprehensive enterprise solutions for businesses with high security demands.

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Security and compliance sorted, so you can sparkle

As data regulation becomes more complex, it becomes more important than ever to make sure your critical data is adequately managed and protected. We use several layers of security to keep your data secure and compliant, so you can be trusted to lead the way.

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Stay compliant

Sentia’s extended compliance services will guide you to achieve the required compliance demands in your organisation.


Respond to threats

We will detect suspicious behavior and threats through real-time traffic  analysis ensuring immediate action if any threat should occur.

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Safeguard your data

Our managed data protection service is designed to help you keep your mission-critical data safe and secure.

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Monitor performance

Keep a close eye on your environment with Sentia’s Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) service that provides  ongoing reporting and activity monitoring.

Certifications to support your business

In a market with increasing legal requirements, Sentia takes the continuous refinement of offerings very serious – especially when it comes to our own and customers’ compliance. Our security program finds its basis in the ISO 27001 certification, however, a number of certifications and assurance reports support our business to assure you that we are very attentive towards documenting our professional processing of personally identifiable data.



Guaranteed business continuity

In every project, we work around a set of security principles to ensure that nothing falls off the radar. Our principles guide us to deliver you the best service in all aspects, so that you can focus on business development instead of regulatory requirements and risk.

Govern Identifying and managing security risks
Protect Implementing security controls and measures to reduce risks
Detect Detecting and understanding security events
Respond Responding, mitigating and resolving security incidents

Sentia Control Center

The Sentia Control Center is our dedicated team providing you with insigts into quality, improvements and automation based on data. Your source for insights, reports and dashboards to be used for incident analyses, so you can become more efficients and predict the future to prevent incidents.

Based on proprietary Sentia technology the team will manage the quality of service and security, allowing you to streamline your business, sit back and focus on business development. 

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Mitigate threats quickly

Can you consistently meet the security demands of your business, users, and the government? Sentia’s security services and compliance products are centered around three service levels to ensure the best solution for your business. Essentials are for you who need the basic services, Extended are for you in an organisation imposed by high security demands, and finally Additional products can be added on top of it all.


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