Security & Compliance

Manage complexity and stay compliant

Safeguard your data with Sentia as your managed security partner

Security and compliance services are a part of our DNA. With a history of managed security service provider from the very beginning, our security and compliance services can be aligned to industry specific (certification) requirements. No organisations are too complex to handle and we offer comprehensive enterprise solutions for businesses with high security demands.

Certifications to support your business

In a market with increasing legal requirements, Sentia takes the continuous refinement of offerings very serious – especially when it comes to our own and customers’ compliance. Our security program finds its basis in the ISO 27001 certification, however, a number of certifications and assurance reports support our business to assure you that we are very attentive towards documenting our professional processing of personally identifiable data.

GDPR Model New

Guaranteed business continuity

In every project, we work around a set of security principles to ensure that nothing falls off the radar. Our principles guide us to deliver you the best service in all aspects, so that you can focus on business development instead of regulatory requirements and risk.

  • Govern - Identifying and managing security risks 
  • Protect - Implementing security controls and measures to reduce risks
  • Detect - Detecting and understanding security events
  • Respond - Responding, mitigating and resolving security incidents

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