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The leading infrastructure for your business

A leading combination of cloud expertise, dedicated support, and cutting-edge cloud technology ensures Sentia can provide your business with a state-of-the-art private cloud solution to meet all your needs.

Empower your business to grow

Emerging technologies as well as market and regulatory changes are constant. In this context, being able to mobilize the data, resources, and freedom of action as a business is necessary to evolve and navigate your industry in a superior way. This requires taking advantage of a modern private cloud providing a flexible, cost-effective, scalable, secure, and fully managed platform and embrace the opportunities the latest cloud technology provides to drive growth through business innovation.

On-demand scalable infrastructure

On-demand scalable infrastructure

Adapt to usage peaks with the flexibility and availability of the cloud. Become capable of provisioning, deploying, or decommissioning virtual machines quickly and when needed.

Mission critical application continuity

Mission-critical application continuity

We manage your infrastructure as well as applications continuously to guarantee uptime. The operational efficiencies provide cost advantages and improved control of your resources.


Security and compliance, you can trust

Take advantage of enhanced security from a dedicated and physically isolated network with data protection that follows your dataflows, allowing for quick response to threats as well as complete GDPR-compliance.

Secure, private and controlled

Our private cloud solution has been built on leading cloud technology, providing full control alongside market-leading security and privacy. Take advantage of Sentia Cloud as either a shared or dedicated platform for your resources.

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The best of both worlds

A hybrid cloud allows you to experience the best of both worlds, with integrated public cloud and on-premises setups. Sentia experts will assess the best technology and the best path to prepare your current infrastructure for hybrid cloud migration.

Transform traditional applications

No two organizations are alike. This also applies to application landscapes as businesses explore the cloud foundation to future-proof and innovate. Using a proven approach, our experts will together with you determine the most optimal cloud strategy for your mission-critical applications.

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Managed Landing Zone

Get on the fast track to a successful digital transformation by effortlessly, securely, and effectively deploying applications on the Sentia Cloud. Through Sentia's Landing Zones, we deploy robust operational models and control for secure cloud migration of applications.

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Managed Sentia Cloud is your solution for secure, high-performance workloads. Schedule a one-on-one deep dive to understand how your specific cloud challenges can be resolved easier with Sentia’s 5D approach to your cloud journey. Our digital transformation specialists will share the Sentia approach, including landing zones, and advice on common pitfalls in any cloud adoption process, as well as how we can make your cloud operations secure and compliant.

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