Sentia Landing Zone

Venture safely intoyour cloud journey

Starting off on the wrong foot at the early stages of cloud transitions could result in developing an IT infrastructure that inhibits business growth further down the line, rather than one that is more agile and flexible. Hybrid cloud landing zones are the solid ground from where you can safely grow and innovate within internal and external boundaries.

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Welcome to the landing zone

The Sentia Landing Zone guarantees a controlled, consistent, and more secure use of the different clouds available at Sentia and across your organization. It is a combination of three main automation technologies: a set of principles, an infrastructure as code pipeline, and reusable workload templates. All environments, services, and configurations are delivered as-code platforms, which guarantees compliance and transparency. Secure operational excellence with seamless integration into your DevOps and IT operations model and at the same time preparing you for future evolution into cloud-native architectures.

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Land your applications safely in the cloud

Cloud migrations can be complex, especially when a company holds insufficient expertise or lack the necessary resources to secure a correct and efficient setup. Get on the fast track to a safe digital transformation by effortlessly, securely, and effectively deploying applications on the Sentia Cloud and/or the three major public clouds: AWS, Azure, or GCP. Through Sentia's Landing Zones, we deploy robust operational models and control for secure cloud migration of applications using standardized parameters. Sets of templates, practices, and tooling help developers adopt cloud in a manner aligned to your business objectives.

Align your architecture with your policies

Streamline your cloud architecture

Step out from your concerns for compliance by using our standardized approach with integrated automation for application control and extensive prebuild standards. As applications are developed within predefined parameters deeply integrated into the infrastructure foundation and environments are validated before production provides a platform for your developers to innovate safely.

Fully replicatable workspaces

Accelerate and perform with greater flexibility

Migrating to the cloud can take months for IT teams to organize and even longer to execute. Avoid time-consuming cloud migrations with Sentia Landing Zone, where you can go live within minutes. The high standardization and infrastructure as code means easy and fast implementation of new applications along with saved time in upscaling scenarios.

Secure compliant development space

Guard your critical workloads

Regulations are complex and, to stay compliant, your IT department might try to build a compliant environment. This can put an unnecessary strain on resources while your environment should be used to foster innovation. Instead, enforced encryption, auto-remediation, data fencing as well as access and policy governance are all an integrated part of Sentia Landing Zone reducing shadow IT and ensuring that your cloud environment complies with policies.

In short

Standardized building blocks catalogue

Designed for failure

Automatic incident remediation

Continuous security, role-based access & compliancy

Guardrails to enforce requirement

Data fencing

Embed with people & in processes

Sentia Landing Zone integrated over all supported clouds

Get ready for cloud and lead the way

Sentia Managed Landing Zone is your solution to one of the key steps in your digital transformation journey, specifically the cloud migration. Schedule a one-on-one deep dive to understand how your specific cloud migration challenges can be resolved easier with Sentia’s 5D approach to your cloud journey. Our digital transformation specialists will share the Sentia approach, including landing zones, and advice on common pitfalls in any cloud adoption process as well as how we can make your cloud operations secure and compliant.

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