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A cloud journey can be complex, challenging and overwhelming. Sentia leads the way for you with its Cloud Transformation services. We will help you accelerate your digital transformation by transforming your landscape step by step, whether it is for public, private or hybrid cloud. Every cloud journey starts with discovering the current state and defining the desired state of your applications. Based on the difference between the discovered and designed state, an application transformation strategy is chosen, both for the public or private (Sentia) cloud.

Our Approach

Whether you are taking the first steps towards the cloud, or need to accelerate your cloud journey, Sentia is there to help. We’ve developed a transformation model that enables you to continuously choose the right transformation strategy for your application in every life-cycle stage. It will help you to Discover and Define the way to go, so you can Design, Develop and Deploy your applications accordingly.

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Our solutions

Based on the transformation strategy chosen, Sentia helps you make your applications cloud-ready. With our group of highly specialized developers, we are able to transform, build or refactor applications for optimal performance in the cloud. Just let us know how we can help!

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Cloud Journey

Switching to a cloud environment or optimizing an existing environment is a complex process. It almost always leads to changes in technology, people's knowledge and mindset, and processes. Whatever point you are at in your cloud journey, Sentia can assist with the appropriate services and practical advice. We start out by asking the question: where are you now, and how can we help?

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Application Services

To reap the benefits of a digital transformation, your applications must fit seamlessly with your (hybrid) cloud environment and future ambitions. This yield questions such as ‘How do I refactor legacy applications?’, ‘How to innovate faster and develop new applications for the cloud?’, ‘What about the user experience?’, and ‘Is my test strategy up to date?’. Sentia has a broad portfolio of Application Services that addresses these questions and helps you accelerate and optimize your digital transformation.

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Data Services

Data is constantly generated. Handling a vast amount of information and interpreting valuable business information require skilled data scientists. Equally important is how to securely access, move and store data. And this is what we at Sentia do best! Our Data Engineering solution enables you to deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time.

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What transformation strategy fits your application?

Replacing your application with a new, cloud-native application. Replatform, moving your application to a new or different platform, limiting code modifications. Rehosting or lifting and shifting your application to one of our private or public clouds. Refactoring your current application to make it cloud-ready. Retain, running your application on the existing infrastructure, managed by Sentia. Retire, disabling applications of which the functionality is no longer needed.

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