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A cloud journey can be complex, challenging and overwhelming. Sentia leads the way for you with its Cloud Transformation services. We will help you accelerate your digital transformation by transforming your landscape step by step, whether it is for public, private or hybrid cloud.

Our solutions

Based on the transformation strategy chosen, Sentia helps you make your applications cloud ready. With our group of highly specialised developers, we are able to transform, build or refactor applications for optimal performance in the cloud. Just let us know how we can help!
Commonly used services are:

What transformation strategy fits your application?

6R transformation srategies

Every cloud journey starts with discovering the current state and defining the desired state of your applications. Based on the difference between the discovered and designed state, an application transformation strategy is chosen, both for the public or private (Sentia) cloud.


Replacing your application by a new, cloud-native application.


Moving your application to a new or different platform, limiting code modifications.


Lifting and shifting your application to one of our private or public clouds.


Adjusting your current application to make it cloud ready.


Running your application on the existing infrastructure, managed by Sentia.


Disabling applications of which the functionality is no longer needed.

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