Application Services

When digitally transforming your IT-landscape, your applications set the pace.

Why Application services?

To reap the benefits of a digital transformation, your applications must fit seamlessly with your (hybrid) cloud environment and future ambitions. This yields questions such as ‘How do I refactor legacy applications?’, ‘How to innovate faster and develop new applications for the cloud?’, ‘What about the user experience?’, and ‘Is my test strategy up to date?’. Sentia has a broad portfolio of Application Services that addresses these questions and helps you accelerate and optimise your digital transformation.

Our services

For every application, we have transformation strategies to reach their ‘desired state’. This proven 5D approach increases the agility of your development teams, and reliability and security of your applications.

Testing Services

Is your test strategy still up to date? What is your ‘first-time-right’ percentage? And how about code coverage and end-user experience? Testing is a vital part of the digital transformation and naturally ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Sentia uses best practices and the finest tooling to (automatically) test the quality of your code, software, architecture and/or platform. Especially in a complex (hybrid) environment, it is crucial that business critical processes such as order or payment processes are uninterrupted. You might just need a quick ‘Code Review’ or want full guidance with the Development and Testing process: our seasoned Quality Assurance Officers (QAO) will lead the way. By applying the right People, Processes and Technology to your testing efforts, you will save your organization from future technical debt that could ultimately lead to disaster and unnecessary cost. 

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Do you have applications that are not cloud-ready yet? Or do you need to be more agile to start leading your industry? We understand your challenge and help refactoring your applications.

In your journey to the cloud the adoption of new technologies and processes is inevitable. Sentia is your partner in transforming legacy (monolithic) applications into cloud-ready applications, so you can take full advantage of cloud native features and benefits. Refactoring is to rearchitect!

Digital solutions

An excellent user experience nowadays is indispensable to success. In addition to APM, this includes having web applications that match your brand and that help you optimally manage your content.

At Sentia, we have extensive experience in translating your business process to digital services that benefit your customers. This can include making complex web applications user friendly; front-end development to convey your brand and business purpose; or offering (headless) CMS with APIs to optimise content management over multiple channels. Our team of developers is ready to support your digital journey!


Cloud-native DevOps

In order for you to lead the way in your industry, you need to be innovative, scalable, efficient and have an extremely fast go-to-market strategy. Cloud native applications support these goals.

‘Cloud Native’ means applications are created and deployed using DevOps processes and continuous delivery workflows. If you need your applications to positively impact your business, Sentia can support with configuration management, infra-as-code, containers and CI/CD pipelines in relation to your journey to the cloud.

How can we help?

At Sentia we have just one focus: to help you with the questions you come across on your digital transformation journey. Let us know what challenges you face, and we will lead the way! Contact us to talk to one of our experts to learn more about our Application Services.

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