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The complexity of IT landscapes continues to grow. A combination of hybrid and distributed cloud environments, iaas, paas and saas, various suppliers and large interests is making management more difficult, yet all the more necessary. Furthermore, shadow-IT is increasing as the business wants to accelerate. Gartner notes that investments in shadow-IT can climb to over 40% of budget spend. The time has come for central management via the 'Cloud Center of Excellence', or CCoE! We are happy to help you design and set up this CCoE, so you can get the best from your cloud environment and facilitate your business in an optimal way.

Why a CCoE?

Cloud computing is supposedly simple to adopt, as even non-technical users can easily select a cloud service and purchase it via credit card. However, to protect the business and promote effective use, cloud computing requires governance. As cloud usage grows within an organization, management challenges often arise for IT departments - consider the aforementioned shadow-IT. In practice, this raises certain governance related questions for IT departments, such as:

  • How do we develop and maintain an organization-wide cloud policy?
  • How do we manage security, regulatory and compliance risks?
  • How do we keep a grip on costs?
  • How do we, as an organization, make ‘the smartest possible' use of the cloud?

These challenges are exacerbated by the fact that the services in question are not necessarily controlled by the CIO. A growing percentage of IT expenditure within organizations now falls beyond the CIOs remit, part of which goes to the cloud.

A central CCoE helps to solve these challenges: it provides frameworks and guardrails, within which cloud projects can be developed and implemented, supported by centrally organized structures, tools and knowledge. Setting up a CCoE is therefore relevant for any organization starting out, or already active in cloud computing.

‘Lead the way’ with Sentia

Currently, CCoE deployment is still in the 'early mainstream' phase. Gartner predicts the percentage growth in global public cloud spending to go from 33% in 2020 to 45% in 2024. Now is the time to get involved. Our certified experts will be happy to help you design, implement and manage the CCoE. We do this across the 'Governance', 'Brokerage' and 'Community' domains.


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Governance is a crucial function in the CCoE, and it goes beyond merely 'maintaining control' and managing costs. Therefore, ensure an organization-wide policy and related measures are in place. We help you to develop and maintain the policy, guideline, guardrails, technical strategy, centralized tools and program management.

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The CCoE functions as an internal cloud service broker. Therefore, ensure the CCoE incorporates the right people and resources to support you in selecting, integrating and customizing cloud solutions. We are happy to advise you on matters such as supplier selection, architecture and sourcing.

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The CCoE leads in creating consensus around cloud adoption and in uniting all stakeholders. Therefore, ensure the presence of knowledge sharing, appropriate stakeholders and centralized information. We are happy to collaborate with you on achieving this. Think about facilitating a 'community' of practice, organization-wide cooperation, knowledge & code sharing, trainings and change management.

Let’s do this together

Sentia has over 10 years of experience in the public cloud. During this time, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge of the most prominent hyperscales (AWS, Azure, GCP). This enables us, via a structured approach and in collaboration with you, to provide the right tools, processes, training courses and input, best-practices, and the best possible CCoE. In conjunction with your knowledge of the organization, business and objectives, we ensure you can optimize the cooperation with your cloud provider, and in a safe, cost efficient way.

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