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Unleash the power of your data and reap business intel with data lakes and warehouses

Why data warehouses and data lakes?

Data is constantly generated. Handling a vast amount of information and interpreting valuable business information requires skilled data scientists. Equally important is how to securely access, move and store data. And this is what we at Sentia do best; deploy Data Lakes and Data Warehouses to serve business information. Our Data Engineering solution enables you to deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time.

What do we offer?

Sentia makes it possible to easily transfer your data to a Data Lake solution and/or Data Warehouse, so you can focus on your business. This starts with the basis: Data Infrastructure. Sentia’s data experts will design a solution to improve your big data architecture. There are different stages that are important to govern and manage data: from ingestion (raw data in its original state and original location), to storing, transforming, distributing and finally the consumption of data. A diverse data structure will be a thing of the past. The new platform will improve your data governance process and the quality, speed and impact of your business decision making process.

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Raw data in its original state and on its original location

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Collection creation and storage data

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Processing the data in a way to transform into another form

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Organization and provisioning of data to multiple point of use

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Support direct use of data

Put our experience to work!

In addition to delivering a Data Infrastructure, our highly experienced and skilled Data Engineers will work alongside your Data Teams. With a strong focus on Data Engineering, they will participate in all daily activities and work together with your Data Scientist and Analysts.

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