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Your cloud journey

Switching to a cloud environment, or optimizing an existing environment is a complex process. It almost always leads to changes in technology, people's knowledge and mindset, and processes. Whatever point you are at in your cloud journey, Sentia can assist with the appropriate services and practical advice. We start out by asking the question: where are you now, and how can we help?

What point are you at now?

Ready to start

To start strong on your cloud journey, you need a well-thought-out strategy, a solid foundation and a realistic roadmap. We are happy to help you translate corporate objectives into a cloud strategy and roadmap that fit. Along the way, we embed the necessary knowledge and processes within your organization. This generally includes, at the very least, DevOps principles, infra-as- code, and cloud-native development, alongside best-practices from AWS, Microsoft, Google and us at Sentia.

Ready to take the next step

You’re already running workloads in the cloud, but what's next? Will more migrations follow? Do cloud-native applications need to be developed? Are development and deployment pipelines already performing optimally? We are happy to collaborate on the next step in your cloud journey. Per workload we deploy a powerful process - our 5D model. Together we examine your current and desired situation. We look at how to bridge any potential 'gaps' and outline the expertise, technology and processes you need to do so.

Ready to optimise

Even if the majority of your workloads are running in the cloud, your cloud journey has not yet come to an end. How can you fulfil your 'Continuous Improvement' ambition and solve any potential (technical?) obstacles? With our Application Control services, we ensure that you have control over your landscape and can continuously automate, optimize and innovate. Our experienced, certified consultants will be happy to collaborate with you on realizing further automation or optimizations, or structurally solving bottle-necks.

Which cloud foundation will you build on?

A solid foundation is needed to continuously meet demands from the business and keep innovating. Sentia is 'cloud-agnostic' and will design an appropriate IT landscape in accordance with your needs, which has a public, private or hybrid cloud as a basis. Sentia will always choose the most suitable technology platform, impartially and free from bias. We are a certified partner of the three largest cloud suppliers: Amazon Web Services (AWS Advanced Consulting Partner), Microsoft Azure (Azure Expert MSP) and Google Cloud Platform (Certified Reseller). It would be our pleasure to work with you and find a solution that best fits your goals.

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Our approach


Years of knowledge and experience have delivered our tried-and-tested '5D model'. Based on this model, we systematically investigate what must be done to get from the current to the desired situation (Discover, Define, Design, Develop and Deploy). The result is a detailed roadmap, including appropriate transformation strategies for your applications. Our focus is not just on the technology, but also the human aspects and your processes. Read more

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People, Process & Technology

The cloud technology chosen is one thing; on the other hand, you have employees, their cloud-related skills, and the processes around your cloud. For an optimal cloud adoption all of the elements must be tackled. Our team of consultants, architects and engineers assist you throughout the change process, which we design together and tailor to your organization. In addition, we are happy to provide training and/or practical guidance for your daily work. This comprehensive approach has proven itself in practice.

Landing Zone

When moving multiple workloads, you don't want to keep reinventing the wheel. Issues such as security, compliance and cost control are important. You want to be able to set them up centrally and simultaneously. With our Landing Zone you set up basic conditions once: every workload subsequently migrated automatically 'inherits' them. Moreover, you can define additional 'profiles' for assignment to certain workloads (e.g. linking profiles to a financial report). In this way, you shift your attention from low-level configuration details to the policy-based launch of workloads.

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Migration strategy

To migrate a workload, together we will select one of these four basic scenarios:
Repurchase – the step to a cloud licensing structure, without moving systems. Rehost - also called 'Lift and Shift'. The quickest method, because you don't change anything about your application (but probably miss out on cloud-specific benefits). Re-platform - a quick move, which gets you the 'low-hanging fruit' (such as a fast transition to a cloud-native database service). Refactor - you convert your application entirely to cloud technology and processes such as Continuous Deployment, but without changing the basic functionality. A radical choice, but also the most future-proof one. This strategy often includes a transformation to microservices.


The cloud offers unprecedented opportunities to automate traditional tasks. Think of (security) incident responses, enforcing basic rules for every migrated workload, or the automatic shutdown of test environments outside office hours. Our aim is to completely free your people from unplanned tasks – and we have the unique code libraries and experience needed to achieve that goal together! A good example of this can be found in the 

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The Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) is a best practice for successful cloud adoption. Cloud computing requires good governance to protect the business and promote effective use. As cloud computing use grows within an organization, management challenges frequently arise for IT departments, often due to an increase in shadow IT. We help you to enable CCoE centralized governance so issues like security, compliance, performance and cost control can be successfully managed. Read more.

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How can we help?

At Sentia we have just one focus: to help you with the questions you come across on your digital transformation journey. Schedule a deep-dive session with us and let us know what challenges you face, and we will lead the way!

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