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Sentia is your certified Google Cloud Platform partner

Businesses are both thriving and suffering from market changes. To support organizational growth or cope with a decline, they struggle to obtain the necessary means of scalability and flexibility to adapt. Simultaneously, concerns around how to secure resources and data at all levels, anywhere, and at any time are top of mind with technical dept weighing heavily on costs and hindering innovation. Fortunately, companies are now capitalizing on these challenges to leverage the organizational momentum for successful cloud adoption.

GCP Cert

GCP Partner

Sentia is a certified Google Cloud Platform Partner, which means that you can rely on our team of specialists to help you secure agile and flexible cloud infrastructure. Move to the cloud with confidence by choosing Sentia as your recognized managed multi-cloud service provider, letting you take full advantage of GCP with the freedom to innovate and create business value.

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Cloud Migration

You want your cloud journey to be safe, efficient, and not hindering daily operations and cloud migration that take into account not only the technology but also people and processes. Sentia is your partner to help run your smooth cloud migration through a proven approach, making sure your IT is aligned with business processes, best practices are implemented, and that applications fit your new cloud foundation.

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Cloud Landing Zone

Nurture sparks of innovation within the safe boundaries of Sentia Landing Zone. Through the Landing Zone, you can implement robust operating models that ensure applications are moved to the cloud within controlled parameters. By using a standardized approach, we make sure that you adopt Google Cloud in a way that is perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

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Application Services

To accelerate and optimize your digital transformation, your applications must fit seamlessly with your cloud environment and business strategy. With our broad portfolio of application services, we help you refactor legacy applications, build cloud-native applications, and offer digital as well as test services that ensure the right customer experience.

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New technologies

Innovate with Google Cloud Platform

  • Modernize your apps and workloads


    Google Cloud is the robust and flexible cloud infrastructure solution where your enterprise workloads come to thrive. We help you take advantage of the application modernization platform to reduce costs, minimize downtime, enhance security, and fuel superior business outcomes. Get onboard the framework for ongoing innovation and business growth by promoting a fast, reliable, and consistent DevOps experience.

    Modernize your apps and workloads
  • Adopt hybrid and multi-cloud


    Your applications, your choice. With managed cloud-native applications, you can set up end-to-end CI/CD pipelines in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, ensuring consistent experiences provided across them while avoiding vendor lock-in. Every business has a different migration path depending on workloads, objectives, and priorities. We help you migrate and modernize on your terms, securely and efficiently, gaining hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility.

    Adopt hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Protect your data


    Secure-by-design GCP infrastructure and built-in protection to secure your data, applications, and users from the online threats that target your business before they result in damage or loss. Detect and analyze risks and gain visibility and intel both in and outside your organization to speed up your investigations and stop cybercrime. Take advantage of advanced countermeasures such as Identity and Access Management, Cloud Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Anti-malware, and Auto Encryption to protect your sensitive data.

    Protect your data
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