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Sentia is your Azure Expert MSP

Today, rigid businesses are unable to innovate fast and meet market changes such as surges or disruption in demand. For employees, the remoteness of workflows is the new norm, and at the same time, budget restraints are limiting the economic space for actions. Cybersecurity threats are always on the rise, on-premise data centers are fragile, and on top, it is challenging to find the right IT security skills inhouse. To break down all these barriers to innovation, organizations are looking towards the Azure cloud to drive digital transformation, scale and grow efficiently while maintaining security.

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Empower your business to grow

Being in the cloud today is no longer an option – it's a business imperative; however, starting on a cloud journey can be overwhelming. As a certified Azure Expert MSP, we will help you take the next step, accelerate your digital transformation, and lead the way with the Azure cloud solution that supports your business strategy.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation enables organizations to light up business processes, realize bright ideas and future-proof businesses. As Azure MSP, we use a robust and well-documented process to make the best decisions for the right cloud for every application in any lifecycle before setting up your organization for a smooth and successful implementation.

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Sentia Landing Zone

Nurture sparks of innovation within the safe boundaries of Sentia Landing Zone. Through the Landing Zone, you can implement robust operating models that ensure applications are moved to the cloud within controlled parameters. By using a standardized approach, we make sure that you adopt Azure in a way that is perfectly aligned with your business objectives.

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Security & Compliance

Worried about the security of your environment? Relax! We are a firm believer of security and compliance by design. This means we adopt AWS security requirements, implement our best practices and bring your security and compliance requirements into action. All activities are transformed into guardrails that help to enforce security requirements.

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Audited Azure Expert MSP

Sentia is one of the few certified Azure Expert MSPs worldwide, a premiere label underlining our capabilities as an Azure Managed Service Provider. We are audited by a stringent third-party auditor and checked continuously to ensure that we meet the most recent standards. This means that no matter your cloud maturity, you can rely on our team of Azure experts to help you not just reimagine - but build the future.

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Cloud infrastructure to match your business ambition

Innovate with Azure

  • Focus on innovation


    Free up resources and refocus employees to generate business value from driving forward innovation. On-site data centers require a lot of hardware setup, software patching, and other time-consuming IT management chores. With Azure, you can eliminate the burden of maintenance, so IT teams can spend time on achieving more important business goals.

    Focus on innovation
  • Optimize costs


    Efficiently manage the costs of your infrastructure, paying only for what you use and avoid upfront costs as well as substantial hardware investments. Become cost-effective, utilizing your infrastructure to the fullest, and continuously manage your Azure cloud spend to streamline, and predict costs. According to Forrester, enterprises migrating from on-premise to Azure can experience up to 478% ROI.

    Optimize costs
  • Become flexible


    Scale applications and infrastructure on-demand and adapt dynamically to workload peaks with the flexibility and scalability of Azure. Take advantage of business agility, quickly responding to changes by automatically adding or adjusting resources to match drops or spikes in demand and optimize for utilization in minutes - no matter the location.

    Become flexible
  • Improve your security posture


    Advanced cybersecurity is an integral part of Azure, helping you to protect your business by responding to and mitigating threats before they reach your network and cause damage. Benefit from proactive measures by embedding protection and encryption that follows your sensitive information as well as deploying policies to safeguard apps and infrastructure.

    Improve your security posture
  • Enhance business resilience


    Built-in redundancy in your cloud infrastructure means high availability with data replication across multiple sites. Prevent critical downtime from damaging your reputation and revenue with workload-aware and high-speed disaster recovery. When disaster strike you can secure stable business continuity and feel confident that your mission-critical services keep running.

    Enhance business resilience
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