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For six years in a row, Dynatrace leads the Gartner Magic Quadrant in the field of digital performance management. When there are IT problems, solution processes are often long, expensive and complicated. Suspect components are replaced and configurations modified. This results in a ‘workable’ solution, without the problem actually having been resolved. Diagnostic monitoring can perform a root-cause analysis right down to the code level. As a result, direct concrete solutions can be proposed. Within the Ymonitor Platform, the modules ‘Automatic Root Cause Analysis’ and ‘Real User Monitoring’ are delivered with Dynatrace. Implementing Dynatrace on critical application chains enables proactive IT Operations Management and helps resolve incidents faster.

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AI-powered, full-stack, and automated digital performance management for every user, every app, everywhere.

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All in one

Full stack monitoring, single transaction analysis and broadest technology coverage.

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Smarter monitoring at scale

Intuitive dashboards and zero configuration, pre-configured and self-learning and scales up to 100,000+ hosts.

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Big data analytics

Business dashboards, user behavior analytics and automated root-cause analysis

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Open eco system

Seamless integration, APIs and platform extensions, deployment of Dynatrace as SaaS or on-premises.

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Find out where and why applications break and detect anomalies before they affect customers.

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Integrate the Dynatrace data into your Ymonitor framework, having all relevant information in one place.

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