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The rate of change in IT environments has increased by 86% since 2016. 76% of IT performance issues are caused by changes, increasing the risk of failure, and potentially creating catastrophic impact. If deployed properly, change does not have to result in a poor end-user experience. Each change may have the potential to break functionality or decrease performance, which in turn could result in a poor end-user experience.

Login VSI is the only solution in the market guaranteed to maximize the end-user experience in your virtual workspaces. By using synthetic users, the impact of changes on your physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces is automatically tested and validated – safeguarding your application and desktop performance.

Sentia & Login VSI

  • How does it work?


    Synthetic users run 24*7*365, consistently mimicking real user sessions, logins, application starts, application interactions and logoffs and alerting if pre-defined thresholds are met: 1.) Safeguarding system performance and proactively identify system degradation (continuously testing). 2. Safeguarding business-critical application availability and avoiding business stand-still (availability testing). 3.) Measuring the true end-user experience impact upon any change in the full stack (load/smoke testing).

    How does it work?
  • Synthetic Users


    As an add-on within the Ymonitor Platform, Sentia uses Login VSI to automatically test and validate the impact of changes in the virtual workspace, maximizing the true end-user experience while reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Synthetic users run 24x7x365, consistently mimicking real user actions and alerting if predefined thresholds are met. Login VSI matches with Sentia a 100%, as the measurements reflect an end result (the user experience), not individual components. It is the only solution to load test Virtual Desktop environments (patented) and the desktop as a whole.

    Synthetic Users
  • Key benefits


    Automatically test and validate the impact of change. Maximize true end-user experience. Safeguard application and desktop performance. Reduce cost and increase efficiency. Avoid system degradation and downtime.

    Key benefits


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Performance availability testing

Receive alerts when changes affect the performance of enterprise applications, desktops and networks.

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Application compatibility testing

Have multiple applications tested automatically, identifying the “broken” ones, before deploying them to production.

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Application and capacity load testing

Identify performance issues on your VDI early by measuring and comparing application load times and responsiveness.

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