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With unrivalled speed and precision, Nexthink gives you the power to analyze, visualize and act in real-time across all end-user computing data. Nexthink offers IT complete digital span of control by providing both a live and historical view of all endpoints, applications and user activities. When the workspace is part of a critical IT chani, Sentia implements Nexthink as part of the Ymonitor Platform, to ensure end-to-end insights.

How does it work?

Data collectors gather, analyse and present all the measured data from the workstation. For each parameter measured, divergent behaviour can be identified at the workstation level. The limit values can be determined for all parameters. The unique aspect of this is that measurement can take place from all connected workstations. This provides a helicopter view, and enables your IT organisation to ascertain how the individual workstations are influencing the experience of end users.

Who is it for?

Workstation monitoring is often accessible to a service desk or functional administration department, in order to be able to see immediately, when users complain, the performance and bottlenecks of the specific workstation, and to isolate the problem. For managers, workstation monitoring is primarily relevant due to the reduction of operational costs and improved insight into durability, use and the necessity for certain hardware and software.

For example
Complaints were often received from one of the municipal customers of Sentia regarding slow speeds on the workstation. This involved various applications and various types of complaints. Workstation monitoring now provides insight into precisely which applications are involved, how much outage is actually occurring, which applications are open simultaneously and, for example, whether the version of IE is still adequate. Proactive alerting also takes place regarding security risks, and regarding on-time replacement or upgrading of a specific workstation.

Main benefits
Naturally, the Nexthink software can be integrated within the Ymonitor environment, and it contributes to gaining control. Because specific insight is provided into who is doing what which location, this addresses security issues and performance issues and improves efficiency. Nexthink is a ‘cool vendor’ of Gartner and has an average payback period of 1 year.

  • Measure the performance and behavior of individual workstations;
  • Reduce the number of tickets;
  • Reduce license costs;
  • Grip on and control of security;
  • Detailed information on load and capacity;
  • Lifecycle management of workstations;
  • From reactive to proactive control;
  • Reduction of resolution times;
  • Alerts in the event of faults.
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