Ymonitor 365

One dashboard for all your Office365 monitoring information.

Ymonitor 365 provides you insight

With over 80 million business users, Microsoft’s Office365 is on its way to become the standard application within office IT environments. But when your Office365 suite is down or does not perform as it should, it effects end-users and thus the business. What is wrong? Who is responsible? And how to fix it? Ymonitor365 provides all insights you need to proactively monitor and manage your Office365 suite. You get 24/7 realtime insight in the performance & availability of your most important Office365 services from an end-user perspective, while smart alerting triggers action before impact.


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Realtime insights

24/7 realtime insight into the performance of your Office365 services.

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Fast domain isolation

Is it Microsoft, your network or something else? Shorten MTTR by fast domain isolation.

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to front.png

No blame game

Create one dashboard with one truth to manage all stakeholders in this IT chain.

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Less service calls

Less incidents by more insights, lead to less service calls and less costs.

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Network performance insights

Get insight into your network performance and use it for domain isolation.

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Easy to deploy

Measurements of the standard user actions are up-and-running in no-time.

Office365 monitoring for end-users

Monitoring Office365’s availability and performance can be a challenge. Traditional monitoring tools can’t see past your firewall, and the Office 365 Service Health Dashboard has no visibility outside Microsoft’s network and reports on incidents with a delay up to hours. As the performance of your Office 365 applications depend on many different components, end-user experiences are also comprised of many levels. When there’s a falter in the performance of your applications, it is almost impossible to determine impact and find the root cause. Sentia developed a standardized solution that integrates all relevant data into one dashboard.

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