Ymonitor Platform

Analyze the performance of your applications

Monitor and optimize your IT performance proactively.

To objectively analyze the performance of your application, Sentia measures from the end-user's perspective. Measurement points are placed at relevant locations, which are used to measure the various actions. For example, opening the application or ordering a product are continuously simulated and measured. The results of these measurements are displayed on a personalized dashboard. If the performance deteriorates or the application is unavailable, this is displayed immediately on your dashboard, and you receive an alert.


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No restrictions

We monitor all applications, trough all connections, on all locations and from all devices.

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One single point of truth for all layers of IT and business on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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Data analytics

Recognize data trends, detect anomalies, and correlate multiple data sources using the API.


24/7 support

Get 24/7 support and quality control from the Sentia Control Center.


Smart alerting

Receive alerts by email and sms and take proactive action before end-users experience impact.



Index your performance data to determine the quality of your IT services.

Main benefits

With Ymonitor, you can monitor your key application chains, and identify any faults at an early stage. After a period of time, you can perform trend analyses, and see, for example, what the effects are of a new release, an increased number of users or the implementation of improvements in your IT landscape. Customers also often use the results of application performance monitoring as a steering tool vis- à-vis suppliers (on SLAs and XLAs), to get an objective picture of the experiences of end-users, but also to shorten resolution times and prevent incidents.

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